News Bounties: get paid to scoop news


Well, that was fun
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For the new year, I am considering an experiment.

There’s a lot of news in the RPG industry. Some big, some small. And we have a lot of members!

How It Works
Post a new thread, in the relevant forum, about an RPG news item which has not been posted yet.

Your post must be front-page presentable. If it’s one line and a link, I can’t use it. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but it needs to be clearly written, not in the first person, and cover the basic facts. It should be grammatically sound, clear, and tidy. Keep to the facts, and save the opinions for the comments.

Please include an image and give the thread a clear title/headline.

IF your thread is promoted to article status (and IF I haven’t had to rewrite it to make it presentable), you’ll get paid $5. It’s not much, but a news item doesn’t need to be long, and they’ll soon add up.

Things We Don’t Need
- Your own stuff
- Kickstarters (we have a weekly dedicated column)
- DMs Guild releases, unless they’re by WotC
- PDF releases on DTRPG etc; there’s too many for us to cover
- Opinion pieces. Just the facts, please!
- Reviews (we have a dedicated area for those)

(You can post about them, obviously, but they aren’t candidates for promotion to articles).

Useful Topics
- Product announcements
- Public playtests
- Industry news
- Product previews
- Interviews, but be sure to highlight/quote the juicy bits; not every interview contains news