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[News] The Sharn Inquisitive

7 Sar, Lharvion, 998 YK—Sharn

Residents reports a strange occurance today. Dizziness and confusion were reported throughout Sharn while others reported strange visual hallucinations. Sages at Morgrave University currently suggest some a very brief by intense conjunction with one of the planes, perhaps Thelanis, may have been responsible. While no major reports of injury or accidents have been reported, bouts of amnesia or delusions of "false memory" have been recorded.

"Sometimes this happens," reported Professor Landry Velsparr of Morgrave. "Things that seemed one way may appear different only due to a brief confusion of the mind induced by these rapid conjunctions. Everything will smooth itself out."

More on this story as it develops.


The Sharn Inquisitive is the broadsheet of Sharn. While not as prestigious as the Korranberg Chronicle, The Inquisitive is the place to read what-is-what in the City of Towers. It includes gossip of the city, and tales of up-and-coming adventurers such as the sorts seen about the Tower's Shard.

This thread is for in-game rumors, tales of other player's exploits, and such in the vein of L4W's The Screamer All members are encouraged to post stories about recent events, preferably in-character in the form of a colorful anecdote. Suggested articles include:
  • Summaries of recently concluded exciting encounters.
  • Recaps of completed adventures.
  • New competitions, arrivals, and adventure openings at the Tower's Shard.
  • Significant in-game developments that could potentially impact the setting at large.
The Inquisitive will also keep the community informed about OOC news such as recently approved proposals of character options, changes to the charter, etc. If manageable, news items will try to be indexed in this post in an organized manner.
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First Post
*Extra, Extra* The Morgrave University has just completed a survey of heroes available for jobs requiring their unique skills:

Those interested in hiring said sellswords should head over to the Tower's Shard to discuss directly with the petitioners.
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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Reports from a recent Inquisitive investigation point to a rising number of Cyran refugees in the city recently, most of them apparently seeking work in the dangerous adventuring career. Of the new patrons at the Tower's Shard, a local watering hole of the sword-and-artifice bunch, half are from that mourned country. Whether their displacement makes them more likely to take up the risky profession or something else, the rise in Cyran expats makes traditional adventurer Guild members in Sharn a little wary.

I mean, come on! One Sharn investigative and member of the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild said on the condition of anonymity. I've got a family and my own dreamlilly addictions to feed. But these Cyrans will work for almost half—they have nothing to lose with their home being gone and all. I miss the days when the adventuring rabble were just feckless nobles out for lark.

More on this story as it develops.


First Post
11 Wir, Lharvion, 998 YK—Sharn

While patrolling in Sharn's Welcome, Private David Stillheart reported seeing a large black crocodile crawl into a sewer grate. "I saw it w' my own two eyes! Why do ya look a' me like I'm a crazy loon! It was as big as a horse, and slid right down into the sewers." When questioned about his recent dreamlily abuse, the guard stammered, "Dreamlily! Why I've been off that stuff fo' years na. Quit bringin' up ma past and scram ya filthy kid!"


First Post
14 Wir, Lharvion, 998 YK—Sharn

Mountzilla on the Loose?
Reptiles Ravaging Sharns Streets

A recent rash of mount related violence is threatening to become an epidemic. Several nobles have reported their mounts being bitten, mauled in some cases even being killed and eaten. Sources in the noble community are trying to lay the blame at the feet of the local adventuring population, siting the recent availability of certain carnivorous reptiles in Sharn as the likely culprits of these heinous acts. One eye witness to the aftermath was qouted as saying: "It was horrifying...Rotting saliva and blood splattered everywhere...there wasn't enough left of my prize stallion to fit in the magic saddle I just bought for him." This investigative thinks its probably just some kind of wild animal in the sewers crawling out to snack on some clueless drunkards broken-down stable ponies.


First Post
20 Far, Lharvion, 998 YK - Sharn

Sharn's Nobles Victimized By Thieves!
In todays' news, reports of odd thefts have come to light after three nobles' homes have been broken into. These nobles have chosen to remain anonymous due to security concerns. Each of these homes have had only a single item stolen, and each of these have differing values and physical descriptions: A small dragon's skull (reportedly real but used for decoration), an obsidian orb (a family heirloom), and a four foot tall diamond pedestal. None of the three nobles were able to provide a description of these perpetrators as they did not know they had been robbed until the next morning. Sharn Inquisitives have been hired to look into the disappearance of these articles.


First Post
Authorities remain silent today after the discovery of a third body in Lower Menthis in the early hours of this morning. Although the guard is not speaking, several witnesses in the area identified the man as Autor Krandon, a local stonemason. Accounts vary from Autor being thrown off a bridge from above, having his face torn off, and even him being the victim of a sacrificial ritual.

"Autor was a pretty strong guy, him working with stone and all. It would have to be a pretty big bloke to take him out. I just feel sorry for his wife and kids." noted local resident Bennie Oland.

Local reaction to the three deaths in the last tenday range from sympathy to rage. "Someone killed a four year old girl. What kind of monster would do that?" shouted a woman in the crowd.

Rumors of roaming groups of vigilantes have started and people in the area appear to be afraid of retaliatory groups as much as they are the murderer. One thing seems clear though. Menthis is now unsafe for people to walk alone at night and it might be some time before the authorities can handle the situation and bring the murderer or murderers to justice.



Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
3 Zol, Barrakas, 998 YK—Sharn

Race of the Five Horns Announced!
Fame and Fortune for the Fearless in the Folly!

Lord Staforth ir'Haran of Starilsakur today announced an upcoming celebration of the 7th anniversary of the famed 'Assault of Aruldusk' led by his cousin Lord Dornal ir'Haran of the 16th Swords of Vathirond. The celebration will consist of a set of challenges tied together by a challenging footrace over the demented terrain of ropes, skewed skybridges, and precipitous drops known as Harrith's Folly.

As we all know, Dornal lead only a small team through the tangled streets of Aruldusk, using speed, cunning, and skill to overcome its surprised garrison, Lord Staforth declared in announcing the games. His small band held the city for three days before being driven out by a much larger force. It is in this memory that we have set up this challenge as a celebration of a true Brelish hero!

Lord Dornal ir'Haran will be in Sharn during the festivities due to being awarded an honorary degree and speaking at Morgrave University's commencement.

Interested parties for tickets, bets, or participation can contact Master Kavin Ballard, 168th S. 5th Tower, Harrith's Folly, Middle Dura.
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First Post
20 Wir, Lharvion, 998 YK—Sharn

Dragons in the Sewers of Sharn!?!

A group of adventurer's based in Sharn recently emerged from the sewers below the city with the head of a black dragon. Yup, it's real, I saw it. So can you if you go to the Tavern's Shard. A little goliath said it was being mounted there.

The group called themselves, Roswyn's Rogue's or was it Roswyn's Rapscallions or just Dragon Slayers. Maybe it was, um the...Anyway a half-orc was muttering the entire time over some design he had written on a piece of parchment. Not surprisingly they didn't want to be interviewed(ignore the fact that I was standing in the shadows, and they probably didn't see me, and if they did they probably mistook me as a lady of the night.) Oh wait one does want to talk to me, or did I flag him down...anyway....


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
10 Zol, Barrakas, 998 YK—Sharn

Five Winds Win Five Horns! Save Lance Coporal
Orien Team in Disgrace! Banquet Assassination Foiled!

A heavily favored team of Orien scions lost the recently held Race of the Five Horns, held in Harreth's Folly, to a rag-tag group of adventurers. These self-same adventurers held back an assassination attempt vs the Race's honoree, Lord Dornal ir'Haran, hero of the Assault of Aruldusk. Another team, lead by a woman identified as Shara ir'Salara, formerly of Making, was responsible for the outbreak of violence.

The Race was a close affair, with the lead switching between the Orien team, led by Lawren d'Orien, the Five Winds, and a group of plucky goblinoids from Darguun. The final showdown, between the Oriens and the Five Horns, almost ended in treachery when d'Orien attempted to slay one of the competitors; he was luckily stopped in time.

The excitement did not end at the award banquet. While giving a speech, Lord ir'Haran was set upon by the Cyran nationals, apparently holding a grudge for actions taken during the Last War. The five heroes of the Five Winds manages to hold back assault, even as fire consumed the premises. Lord ir'Haran survived the attack while his killers are presumed dead.

In unrelated news, Orien tarrifs for ir'Haran goods have recently been raised.


First Post

The ever-popular Glitterdust Nightclub has done it again! What looked to be an everyday performance of "Three Rounds with the Beast" took an abrupt turn for the thrilling when the young challenger, a masked bravo calling himself the Midnight Mymidon, pulled a sword of ice out of the air itself. This clear breach of the rules caused the hobgoblin bouncers to rush into the ring, but the man's dashing style and beautiful spellwork swayed the audience to scream their support, and the club's owner, Vachel Thrace, called the bouncers off and let the match run its course.

Who is the Midnight Myrmidon?

Will we see him dance again?


First Post
Drooam petitioning to be recognized in Treaty of Thronehold

Forward Sora Kell Petition to Thronehold, Karrnathi Ambassador Says

KORTH—Recent overtures from the Daughters of Sora Kell deserve consideration from the Treaty of Thronehold nations, said ambassador Jurneya ir’Hauptroch in advance of a diplomatic mission to Breland, Droaam, and Zarash’ak in the Shadow Marches.

“With each passing year, conditions improve in Droaam,” she said. “While the nation of Karrnath continues to have important differences with the Daughters of Sora Kell, it’s increasingly apparent that they have de facto control of the region.”

Within the last month, capitals across Khorvaire have received missives bearing the seal of Sora Katra, one of the trio of hags that rules Droaam.

The exact contents of each letter aren’t known, but those received by Breland and Aundair sought advantageous trade terms and a dramatic reduction in standing armies in western Khorvaire.

The Karrnathi crown also received a communiqué from the Sora Katra, ir’Hauptroch said. Its contents are still under consideration and remain under royal seal.

But based on the Breland and Aundair letters, court watchers believe that Droaam is asking for terms that would functionally make it a Treaty of Thronehold nation, subject to all the treaty’s rights and strictures.

In 993, the Daughters of Sora Kell unsuccessfully petitioned to be part of the talks that eventually led to the Treaty of Thronehold. At the time, Karrnath objected that the hags weren’t truly ruling a nation-state. Other nations had their own reasons for denying the Sora Kell petitions; Brelish soldiers were fighting Droaam’s gnoll and giant armies at the time, so Breland never even acknowledged the hags’ diplomatic effort.

Droaam’s current efforts are being viewed more favorably, although ir’Hauptroch was clear to point out that the Karrnathi crown hasn’t advanced an opinion on closer relations with Droaam—merely that the recent missives deserve careful consideration. The diplomatic corps in Thrane and Breland are said to remain suspicious of Droaam’s overtures.

Actually adding Droaam to the Treaty of Thronehold would require the presence of existing signatories’ ambassadors on the island of Thronehold. No such summit has been scheduled, ir’Hauptroch said.

Hannuri d’Tharashk, a dragonshard prospector whose livelihood often takes him to southern Droaam, said there may be another reason for the diplomatic overtures: famine.

“A lot of the population relies on livestock as a food source, but this spring a lot of animals were born weakened and lame,” he said. “The gnolls call it urrakhnoon—the purple spots. The animals develop these bruises that make it too painful to stand.”

With its livestock herds thus depleted, Droaam may be seeking imports from the breadbaskets of Breland and Aundair, he said.