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D&D General NFTs Are Here To Ruin Dungeons & Dragons


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
The grift is strong with this one. From this article on Gizmodo:


From the article:

The first time that Patrick Comer tweeted about tabletop roleplaying games was in October 2021. He asked, “Who are hands down the best DND character illustrators out there?” He got one response.

That same month, an unassuming Twitter account was created: @gripnr. Its bio describes Gripnr as “a Web3 company building 5e TTRPG on-chain.”

If this has you confused, you’re not alone.

Gripnr is a company currently being built by Revelry, a New Orleans-based startup studio. Brent McCrossen, a managing director at Revelry, is the CEO of Gripnr; Patrick Comer is the president and head of product. That product, which nobody outside of the company has seen yet, is a digital platform meant to allow fans of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons to roleplay using NFTs indicative of Player Characters (NFT-PCs), and then save the details of their gameplay adventures on the blockchain, increasing the complexity and value of the NFT. They call this a “play-to-progress” system.

If you’re still baffled? Join the club.

In short: Gripnr will sell you a pregen character, which you will play in their adventures and level it up on the blockchain. Then you sell it for profit. Even without the letters N, F, and T flapping in the wind, the article describes numerous other red flags:
  • No details about the way their game will work
  • No specifics about where the money actually goes.
  • Everyone working on the project is being paid in Gripnr NFTs.
  • No actual certification of achievement, just the typical line on an NFT receipt. They are selling "an experience," not a product.
  • No structures to protect the community from "bad actors," or people who rig a game to make money.
  • Incentivizing the dubious game structure of "railroading." Characters need to get to a certain amount of value, quickly, so that the holder can cash out.
  • Operating on the assumption that people who play D&D will even want to purchase a pregen character.
  • Their stated goal -- "to provide a way for underserved creators to find blockchain success" -- is not even listed as a priority until Phase 8 of their plan.
Gripnr plans to reveal their protocol at the end of 2022.
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