Kickstarter Ninja-themes RPG Kunai Academy's Last 48-hours!!

This is the last weekend of the Kunai Academy Kickstarter and we have just $300 to go to meet our goal! I'm so pleased with how the game has turned out and I can't wait for people to play it. In additional to emulating adolescent action manga, the game mechanics are a unique synthesis of storytelling and combat that provide an innovative experience. Below are just a few of the game's features:
  • Player creativity is supported and encouraged at all stages of the game
  • Combat is cinematic and moves quickly but also provides layers of strategic depth
  • Game mechanics reinforce themes of teamwork, personal growth, and emotional hardships
  • World-building is collaborative and each player defines a part of the shared "village"
If any of that seems fun to you, check out the game! There's videos, early art sketches, and game mechanics previews on the Kickstarter page. I hope you'll consider supporting the campaign and helping us cross the finish line!

ka small.jpg