NJ/New Jersey (online & in-person) Looking for player 5E


New Jersey - Group seeking player for 5E

Our current group is looking for 1 additional member. We play a weekly game mostly on Facebook Rooms and Fantasy Grounds with an occasional live game on weekends. We usually play live games once every two or three months on a Saturday when all group members can free up their schedule. We play in Whitehouse Station NJ. The weekly online game is every Wednesday night 8:15pm to 10:45pm.

We are currently in the middle of a D&D 5E campaign. I am using Frog God Games Blight setting. Here is a synopsis: Welcome to the Blight. A vast and sorcerous city, poisoned by alchemy, extending its empire through necromantically-powered industries, the City-state of Castorhage is gritty, often-horrific, and heartless. The city-state has begun exploring realms beyond the normal world, heedless of the dangers, and unaware that these other worlds are exploring the city-state in return. Ruthless factions, many of them quite monstrous, wage a hidden war for control of the city, its bizarre “technologies,” and its cruel empire. Players are newcomers to the city and will get swept up in the city’s events.

The current players are ages ranging from 20s to 50s and we tend toward role playing with more complex story lines and style of play. That's just a nice way of saying that they are "R" rated. Given the choice between role playing and strict adherence to the rules we lean more towards role playing. While combat is present, players often seek other solutions to problems other than just fighting. We are a pretty easy going group and get along with most people.

Our group has 3 GMs and there are also two other campaigns running. The second campaign is another 5E game. The third game is a Star Trek game. Not all players play in each campaign, but the opportunity is there if things go well.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’ll ask any potential players who are seriously interested to fill out a new player survey. The purpose is to ensure a good fit between player, GM and group. Thanks and happy gaming!

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