Not DnD - A Look Back At 2022

NOT DND is our weekly streamed show where Jessica Hancock (me!) interviews tabletop RPG creators...

NOT DND is our weekly streamed show where Jessica Hancock (me!) interviews tabletop RPG creators about their games -- focusing on those which are not D&D!

I'm passionate about promoting indie TTRPGs, as there are so many great games out there to try! The hobby is so broad, and has room for loads of different interests and tastes. This week we're looking back at all the different guests we've had on the show since we launched in March 2022.

You can catch Not DnD every week at 10-pm on our Twitch channel, catch up on past episodes on YouTube, or listen to it as a weekly podcast wherever you get your pods! Past episodes include Dune, Star Trek Adventures, WFRP, Blade Runner,and many more.

This will be the last episode of 2022, but we will return in 2023 on Monday 9th January! If you'd like to see any particular guests on the show next year please put your suggestions in the comments here.

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The team at "Beyond the Wall" at Flatland Games would be great! Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, a zero-prep OSR roleplaying game you can play in an afternoon

Ben Dutter and Jessica Dutter of "Five Torches Deep" & "Hunt the Wicked": Five Torches Deep | FTD | The Tabletop RPG combining the best of 5e and the OSR & Hunt the Wicked RPG

Andre Novoa of Undying Sands & Bottled Sea: Games Omnivorous - Minimalist & Bizarre Games

Jo Winter Creator of Wintertide games "Fall of Rome": wintertide games -

Olivier Revenu of Knock magazine & Black Hat Hack: The Merry Mushmen

The Creator of "Fallen" by Perplexing Games: Perplexing Ruins

The Lone Archivist: Links - Lone Archivist

Creator James Lennox-Gordon of the 1400 series:

Spencer Cambell Rune and many other RPGs:

Chris Wolf of "Off Worlders":

The Team at Lampblack & Brimstone: Lampblack & Brimstone
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Haiku Elvis

Knuckle-dusters, glass jaws and wooden hearts.
Chris McDowell of Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland would be cool or the Melsonian Arts Council guys with Troika.

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