Not DnD - Hometown Holiday With Nick Tourville

Ever wanted to star in your own cheesy holiday romcom? Hometown Holiday is a comedy/romance roleplaying game for 2-5 players and one GM by Nick Tourville. Players chose from one of six character classes inspired by tropes from Hallmark and Netflix holiday movies and compete to woo their shared love interest and complete secret objectives!

NOT DND is our weekly streamed show where Jessica Hancock interviews tabletop RPG creators about their games -- focusing on those which are not D&D! You can catch it every week at 10-pm on our Twitch channel, catch up on past episodes on YouTube, or listen to it as a weekly podcast wherever you get your pods! Past episodes include Dune, Star Trek Adventures, WFRP, Blade Runner,and many more.

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I do watch way too many of these movies, seems to be my secret obsession. Not sure if the overwhelmed chef/chocolatier or the secret prince lost in the city would be go-to.

Does say it is for a game last night but posted today. Hopefully some sort of time zone thing.

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