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Not DnD | Last Fleet

Play brave pilots, officers, engineers, politicians and journalists struggling to hold the human race together under unbelievable pressure.

Last Fleet is a PBTA tabletop roleplaying game where you play brave pilots, officers, engineers, politicians and journalists struggling to hold the human race – and themselves – together under unbelievable pressure. The game focuses on action, intrigue and drama in this high-stakes situation.

The game provides support to create your own evocative setting, or you can play out of the box as the survivors of the Interplanetary Commonwealth.

Find our more later today on Not DnD as we speak to creator Joshua Fox.

Not DnD is a weekly show discussing tabletop roleplaying games. Each week EN Publishing’s @tabletopjess interviews the creators behind different tabletop roleplaying games that aren’t D&D!

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I've run it for a oneshot and a short campaign, its very much Battlestar Galactica with the serial numbers filed off Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) game. Which means it has a nice variety of action, intrigue and drama just like the show - although it has an alternative High Fantasy setting as well with a magic flying city. It represents that with an interesting cycle where your Pressure increases during the action moments and during downtime, we see drama as you start to rely on your Bonds or release your pressure through vices.

I'd say one of the most standout parts of the game is a really solid section on GM Moves. It might be one of the best organization of them - Core GM Moves that you usually go-to, then Thematic Moves that are great to look at when you aren't sure how to improvise interesting Moves for the situation. Then it has one of the more extensive list of Threat Moves (basically on par with Apocalypse World) to help out in many specific situations. I think its one of the best PbtA games to help with understanding that style of GMing.

A Battlestar game sounds fun! Sound like it would be great for troupe style play with a resource managemnet and fleet morale componemt added in. Color me intrigued!


So… battlestar galactic with the I’krl from star-drive?

If you use the setting they give you it is more like "Battlestar Galactica if the Cylons were D&D style Myconid mushroom people who are upset that the humans Star Trek Discovery style spore drive is destroying the mycelial network they need to survive so they are D&D doppleganger replacing people", but if you don't understand all three of those nerd references that may be too specific....

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