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WOIN NPC Creation Vital Attacks


So the creature creation rules in the back of each of the 1.2 hardcovers are super helpful, I really like them. One question I have is how you decide on vital attacks a creature might have.
For example, say I'm building a Bombardier Beetle as a large insect. I can set the MDP to 7, apply all the Artillery role stats, give it a Cone exploit for its spray, and now I'm stuck because AOE effects are generally intended to be Vital attacks, but the roles don't list Vital attack quantities. Should I have it target Ranged defense instead, or do I just copy over the Ranged attack value and still target Vital Defense?

If I were spending a lot of time on creature creation this is a super easy thing to solve, I just decide if I like Vital defense as the target defense score, assign an attack value that feels appropriate given the rest of the NPC, and move on. However, the main usecase I have for these roles is for very fast creature creation on-the-fly during sessions (with my VTT it's a very simple ordeal of "set MDP, drag in size category, drag in role, click 'compute', add in an exploit or two from the role category"), and it would be ideal if the rules gave a specific value I could pull from without needing to make a split-second ruling.

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Just a tourist passing your way...
I don´t use the creature creation rules as a fixed rules set; if your group is good at combat, use the ranged attack/damage values (which should be a little bit stronger); if not, subtract 1d6-2d6 from those values.

I DM'd both types of partys in WOIN, my current OLD group doesn´t bother about pre-made enemies with party-MDP+2d6, my last NEW party fled from some thugs with equal / lower MDP with reason.

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