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Numenera is a roleplaying game by Monte Cook, published by his company, Monte Cook Games. It's set one billion years in the future in a setting called "The Ninth World". It was funded by a massively successful Kickstarter which raised over half a million dollars. Numenera was anounced shortly after Monte Cook left WotC's D&D Next design team.
[h=1]Product Schedule[/h]
Numenera CorebookAugust 2013416 pages
Numenera Player's GuideAugust 201364 pages (included in corebook); "Just like it sounds, this is a guidebook aimed at players. It’s short–only 64 pages–and includes only material for the corebook. In other words, there’s nothing in the Player’s Guide that isn’t in the corebook. It’s very useful, because there’s no need to hand a new player a 416-page rulebook to get them started. It has only the material that a player needs to get a feel for the game and the setting, and to create a character. More or less, it’s a distilled version of the first three sections of the corebook."
The Devil's SpineOctober 2013Three adventure set; three 32 page adventures, "The Devil's Spine", "The Mechanized Tomb", "The Other Side of the Maelstrom"; "The three adventures in The Devil’s Spine will be linked, but easily played alone. They take PCs all over the Ninth World (and beyond…but that would be telling), and get them involved in all kinds of strange, cool, and hopefully mind-bending experiences. While the corebook adventures set the stage for what a Numenera scenario might involve, The Devil’s Spine will stretch the boundaries in different ways."
The Nightmare SwitchAugust 2013Exclusive Kickstarter supporter adventure; PDF
The Ninth World Bestiary2014160-pages
Numenera Creature Card Deck2014Cards representing Numenera creatures
Technology Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera2014160-pages; A collection of Numenera cyphers, oddities and artifacts
Numenera 3D Paper Fold-Up Terrain PDF

Numenera GM's ScreenAugust 2013Four-panel, landscape format vinyl GM's screen
Numenera XP DeckAugust 2013Cards representing a character's XP points
Numenera Cypher DeckAugist 2013Cards representing cypher Numenera available in game
Ninth World Guidebook2014A setting book about the Ninth World, its locations and denizens
Thunderstone: Numenera
Deck building card game from AEG
Tales from the 9th WorldAvailableShort story book in PDF and epub formats
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Video game from inXile
The Amber MonolithAvailable
Free short story; PDF (included in corebook); "The Amber Monolith, the first short story from the 9th World setting and one of the stretch goals of the Numenera Kickstarter, is now free and available to everyone. You can read it in your browser as a flip book, or download the PDF Version of The Amber Monolith."
Numenera Short Film

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