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Release Oberon’s Onomasticon: The Origin of Proper Names found in Dungeons & Dragons


Hi folks, I'd like to introduce you to my short book, ‘Oberon’s Onomasticon: The Origin of Proper Names found in Dungeons & Dragons.’’ Its purpose is to explain the derivations of names of monsters, places, classes and characters as they appear in D&D.

The blurb:

Have you ever wondered if the words dwarf and duergar are related, etymologically? What if I told you that the words Oberon and elf shared a common ancestor? Or that the name of the Barlgura came about due to a spelling error?

Within these pages you will find the etymologies and derivations of the names of monsters, places and people from D&D 5e that will fascinate and surprise you. Discover the linguistic connections and origins of familiar and obscure names and gain a deeper understanding of the rich world-building behind the game. Whether you are a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, this book will enrich your experience of Dungeons and Dragons and ignite your imagination.

Hope you enjoy it,


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Thanks! I might well do a paper release at some point. Thought I'd put it out digitally to see if there was any appetite for it. If you or anyone else have any suggestions for other names to cover let me know.

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