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Odd Demilich question.

Bold or Stupid

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Okay I need some ideas...

The situation:- The party have just completed an adventure defeating Doresain and his minions. In the last treasure they found a Silver Bell. This as it happens is the Phylactery of a Demilich they had defeated. The Party's Warlock/Sorcerer (this is all about him) tried to work out what it was (mostly by running around ringing for a session...) He failed (I but serious DC on it, the lich had disguised it). The Demilich was reborn a few days later and absconded with the bell, leading to a "Whoops" from our hero.

A few days passed, the Demilich returned with an aspect of Orcus. The party defeated them but there was one odd complication. Our hero got a soul trap fired at him and used a Sorcerer utility so it also hit the Demilich, who was under the effect of Thief of Five Fates and stunned... two quick turns later (demilichs act twice a round...) he fails two saves and is sucked into out heroes teeth. Which is worth a laugh really.

Now I have to wonder what effects could having an Epic Undead in you dentition have on you? The more amusing the better.

Currently I can think of several just painful things to do, but I'd rather do something creative.

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Remember the people who had the radio playing in their dental work? I figure it would be like that, a constant voice in their inner ear bugging them with stuff. It might give them a bonus to arcana and history checks, but probably -2 to will defenses since its constantly messing with them.

Fun idea.

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