5E Of Tegel Manor and Frog God Games


So after learning about the latest news about Judge Guildes Games and some terrible things said by the current owner, Bledsaw II, I decided to check on Frog God Games FB page and see if anything was said about the royalties made from the sales of Tegel Manor. I was intrigued about buying the book, but I didn't like the fact of how the royalties would be given to Judge Guildes Games. However, I found a response on the matter.

So apparently according to Matt Finch, who I'm assuming is a major member/part of Frog God Games on their FB page, somebody asked about the royalties from purchasing Tegel Manor from Frog God Games.

Under contract and REQUIRED/REQUESTED by Frog God Games, Bledsaw II CANNOT legally use the royalties,from the sales of Tegel Manor from Frog God Games, for anything OTHER THAN "making their Kickstarter supporters whole"
So the money paid would be used to fulfill The City-state of The Invincible Overlord Kickstarter that Judge Guildes botched hard on

So if I'm reading that right, the royalties HAVE to be paid back/used to finish and provide the promised material promised by Judge Guildes Games. Using it for ANYTHING ELSE will really nail Bledsaw II HARD for breach of contract.

Unless I'm reading that all wrong.

But take that however you may. There is a main thread on the board talking bout it, but it's become one big thing bout politics. So maybe this will be a bit easier to see.