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Official Proposal: Background Skills


First Post
Background Skills

Would be effective immediately for all new characters.

Current characters must change too, and would get a free redo of skills.
Must be between adventures, or current GM must approve if within a game.


There are lots of crappy skills that no one takes. (Appraise, Craft, some Knowledges, Profession, etc.)
This shuffles them off to a new set called Background Skills. The 'good' skills are called Adventuring Skills. There are two new kinds of skills too:

Artistry - Kind of like craft, INT-based.
Lore - Like the knowledge skills, but in a more focused, specific area of expertise, INT-based.

Craft, Perform, and Profession, get more uses too, but that doesn't really effect LPF too much.

Adventuring Skills: Still calculated in the same way.
Background Skills: Every character gets 2 skill points per level to spend on Background Skills.

This let's characters flesh out their backgrounds a bit more without sacrificing their good skills. Everyone gets to have more fluffy goodness.

They are easy to calculate, don't really add power to a character (except maybe bards, who like perform), and above all are fun!

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FrancisJohn Vote:


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That can be found Here.

However, because I am This Guy:

•Disable Device
•Escape Artist
•Knowledge (Arcana)
•Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
•Knowledge (Local)
•Knowledge (Nature)
•Knowledge (Planes)
•Knowledge (Religion)
•Sense Motive
•Use Magic Device

•Artistry (New)
•Handle Animal
•Knowledge (Engineering)
•Knowledge (Geography)
•Knowledge (History)
•Knowledge (Nobility)
•Lore (New)
•Sleight of Hand


I vote YES. I've always valued skills such as this. Tamarie was based around Perform as a primary skill, and it always did feel like it was at a cost.

We're going to have to modify the base character sheet to make the system clear and easy to use.

As an aside, can we curtail any new business until we've recovered all business from before the crash? I think we already had a bit on the table.


First Post
I've been working on updating both character sheets. Tab happy and simple. Making myself a little crazy, but that's the ocd in me.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
I grazed amoungst the recently resurrected threads and saw the one on the new character sheet that included the background skills and I like it. Once my characters are finished with their present games I will convert over to this new sheet if it is too gets approval by then.