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Ogre Mage line


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I have been thinking about playing a dwarf sorcerer and having his powers come from an ogre mage. So was wondering about the spells I would take and how to go about getting approval or making it work without to much tweaking.

Spells: change shape, darkness, invisibility, charm person, cone of cold, sleep, flight
Abilities: gaseous form and regeneration

I know I could take any spells and just say theirs magic in my , but I think it would be more fun to have him turn into a little ogre mage. Here's how I've broken down spells so far:

Spells Known: Level 1= ray of frost, daze, mending, read magic
charm person and sleep
Level 2= detect magic
Level 3= burning hands (changed to cold damage)
Level 4= mage hand and darkness
Level 5= disquise self and invisibility

So if anyone has a better ideal and can tell me how I could get the gaseous form and regeneration abilities please let me know.

Or would a new template 1/2 ogre mage be a better thing to propose?

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You'd never get the 1/2 ogre mage template, so don't even bother with ath.

Enlarge Self would be a big one, in my book. The burning hands with cold damage is a good idea, but you'd have to actually propose the spell - it'd be easy, and I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be approved.

Isn't gaseous form a spell? Or am I thinking of 2e again? In any case, just because he's descended from an Ogre Mage, doesn't mean he has to have all of the Ogre Mage's powers.

If you want Regeneration, I'm thinking Vampiric Drain is the way to go.

All that being said, what an AWESOME character concept you've got. I think it'll fit in perfectly with some of the oddballs interesting people we have in Living EN World.


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Looks like you've got a good start.

I'll also say forget the 1/2 ogre mage template. I don't think it would go through, and you'd have a hefty LA adjustment even if it did.

Gaseous Form is a 3rd level spell for Sorcerers

Regeneration is tougher. There isn't much HP recovery via arcane magic out there. Vampiric Touch may be your best bet. Sometimes when you have some cool fluff like this, you're going to have to make some sacrifices with the mechanics. Or you may have to wait and buy a ring of regeneration.

The Enlarge Self idea is interesting, depending on how you want to play your guy. If you go that route, you may also want to consider Bull's Strength and Bear's Endurance.

Rystil Arden

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I would say that the Cold-subbed Burning Hands actually is a problem as a new spell, insomuch as the precedent makes the Energy Sub feat (and particularly LEW's incredibly weak alternative that raises the spell up to a higher level) pretty much pointless for a Wizard, who is better off just learning sonic (or whatever preferred energy type) versions of the spells instead, since she has to prepare in advance anyway. That said, Energy Substitution [Cold] seems like a pretty good feat for a Sorcerer with this bloodline anyway, since it could indicate that the bloodline seeps into all of her offensive spells. I would go so far as to approve (if proposed) the following even (since Cold is not a particularly dominating Energy Type)--if a Sorcerer has the Energy Sub [Cold] feat for a bloodline purpose (so she can make every spell cold anyway on the fly), she can choose when learning a non-cold spell to have the cold version be the default and the non-cold original version be the one that requires a full-round action to cast (its symmetrical in power to doing it normally and just preserves the idea that the cold magic comes naturally to her and anything else takes a bit of extra effort).

Jerrand Redband

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my little brothers concept is really cool but couldn't fit him into a group because theres less chance for character development which is what he really want as this sorcerer would be weak in combat areas told him in en world he'd get alot of role playing in all you have to do is go sit in the red dragon for a month he should tell you alittle about how he wants to play this character i don't believe he has and that would help in the suggestions i don't think he is looking to kill monsters at a glance except his great great great grandpappy whom i still have writin up by the way ;) since ogre mages live to be about 700 yrs old tell them a little of what you want to do jake


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Non combat??

Jerrands a little right Droog is a non combat type character because he doesn't want to be a sorcerer he wants to be normal. So he hides that by pretending to be a rogue but the power keeps growing in him so what can you do right. Wanted to play for a long time but his poor spell choices and hp/ac just got him killed. So I'll try him here already posted in LEW.
check him out please.

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