Ohio Gameday - Feb 24, 2007 - Fun was had by one and all!


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Be Careful Hunting monsters

ah another hapless monster victi...oh wait mosnter hunter :)
don't wait too long for the keeper :)

Oh I actually decided to write up the playtest like a dungeon adventure, and placed it in the realms so that I could show/test how modular the creatures are. Here is the lead in without giving anything away.

(lest ye become one)
Essembra is the seat of government in Battledale, on the border of the Cormanthyr Forest protected by the monastic knights from the Abbey of the Sword. Within the local woods lie the "Ghost Holds": retired/ruined fortifications, manor houses or abandoned wizard towers now without any formal ownership. These “Ghost Holds” number just short of a thousand and have become a haven for monsters. The Sword-Sworn of Tempus were able to deal with them for a generation, until the elves returned to Cormanthyr. These were not the high elves of old, but dark elves set to conquer the surface world. The abbey could not fight a war on two fronts, and so have sent their forces against the drow. Now the gnome Gild-glaine of Battledale is establishing a monster hunter’s guild: to make a living providing a service to the Dale, and protecting it from monsters. All he needs to do is hire the right hunters.

Be Careful Hunting Monsters is a d20 fantasy adventure suitable for a group of four 8th level characters, set in the region of Battledale in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting it could be set in any other world along the border to a wilderness. This adventure is episodic and presents itself in a freeform manner. The exact route the players take to hunt the four monsters found within can vary wildly so make sure you are familiar with the descriptions of the scenes, the various clues and tracks the PCs can find, and the NPCs they will encounter.

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I am Enk's sorrow at Crothian not being able to come (and not just because playing an Infrared is teh coolest).

A NOTE TO PLAYERS: We've got a lot of game orphans in the afternoon now, so sign up as soon as you can!


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Since there are orphans I could run the Be careful hunting monster's twice, once in each time frames (i was in the game, so it leaves me open too)


Qwillion - come prepped to run another slot in the afternoon if necessary (heck, I'll be doing the same, if I can). I think we've got enough slots to fit everyone in that's expressed interest here as is, but if we have walk-ons the day of that will skew those numbers and we'll need the extra game(s).

Brian Compton

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Not that it matters now, but I can't make it to the gameday either. A friend is having his 30th b-day party that night and, since I'm also turning 30 this year and he's a great friend (were in each other's wedding parties, etc.), I'd be a heel if I missed. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to the gestalt game, but now that BBR is out anyway it's been a wash. Hope to make it next year though.


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and there is a major storm system moving in to Ohio ...

hopefully it will wait to late Saturday night to dump countless more inches of snow on the I-70 corridor

The most recent forecast I saw was that the storm was not suposed to hit until the overnight tomorrow night, so hopefully everyone who comes to the Game Day will be home snug in bed after a great day of gaming before it starts.


Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Don't forget that anyone who runs a slot gets a free CMG ePrize. Just contact me after the gameday (sometime in the next week) with "Ohio Game Day" in the subject line. In the body of the email include your real name, screenname, the game you ran, and a link back to the thread (so I can verify you did indeed run a game). I'll send along a link for downloading a prize from among CMG's most recent. Most importantly . . .

Have fun tomorrow! :)


So, I had fun at GameDay! Other people probably also had fun, but I don't care about them.

For those who didn't make it because of the weather, we perfectly understand - the trip home took me (and I imagine everyone else) about three times as long through a sleetstorm, and traveling on the highways would have been a nightmare.

Special thanks goes to romp, who braved the storm from out of town (hi romp!), our GMs (Michael_R_Proteau, Qwillion, Keeper of Secrets, D'Shai, and, well, me I guess!), the generous folks at XRP, Dog Soul, and theLe (who donated Suburbans full of swag for door prizes) and to the management at the Bookery. I couldn't have had nearly as much fun without you.

To Mother Nature, I have only the kinds of things to say that would be immediately moderated out of this thread.

And to everyone else - we'll be trying to do this again sometime this year. If you're interested in doing this sometime warmer (like, say, late spring or sometime in the fall) let me know!

Til' then, Excelsius! Which I think is like a really hot Excelsior*.

* Stan Lee only wishes he had something to do with this post

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