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Ok...sell me on the Hollow Earth RPG from Exile Game Studio


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Yeah... I'm unemployed and going game spending mad. I grew up reading the stories of E.R. Burroughs' world of Pellucidar, and would love to run a game in that setting. Has anyone played or reviewed this game?

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I absolutely love it.

I played it at GenCon last yearwhen it debuted and had a blast. It is not D20....it runs on its own system they call the Ubiquity Sytem (I think!). It played fast and simple. I also ran a one shot for my regular group and it was well-received. We're trying to set up part two...where everything really hits the fan!

They've also got a secret society book premiering at this years GenCon. The initial book was worth it just for the read for me.

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