Old Spellcasting Cost Calculations

Does anyone remember how the Adventurer's League calculated spellcasting services in 3/3.5 Edition? Seems like it was spell level squared + double consumable cost, or something like that...


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There was a chart

Basically Caster level x Spell Level x 10 + Spell Specific costs.

If the total cost was >3,000 gp then it wasn't usually available.

Though I don't remember AL being a thing back then. Was it?

EDIT - also remember that I think XP costs were charged at 5 gp per XP


Not answering the question-as-asked, but this may interest you:

Up to the ALDMG v7, spellcasting services cost (usually rounded):
10 * spell_level**2 + one_time_cost / 10 + recurring_cost * 2

Beginning with ALDMG v8, spellcasting services cost:

I don't play AL, but reverse-engineering their original equation yielded something sensible that I've been using ever since. I'm just glad I looked into it before they started making up numbers that didn't follow a pattern.