WOIN OLD v1.2 Magic costs example doesn't line up?

I've been looking through the magic chapter in O.L.D. v1.2 and I'm having some trouble with the magic costs. In particular, the examples don't seem to line up with the mechanics and the table.

In particular, at the top of page 175, it says "using move wood to hold a wooden door 30' away closed for 1 minute would cost 2 MP."

However, the rules say to use use table for both duration and range, which would man the 30' range would cost 2 MP and the 1 minute duration would be 3 MP.

Similarly, the Abjure Water example (keep the rain off for 1 hour) says it costs 3 MP, but the table for durations says 1 hour costs 5 MP.

The "Keep the rain off a campfire" example says 5 MP total, but according to the table it should be 5 MP for the duration and another 2 MP for the 30' range.

I also have NO idea how the GM in the example on page 174 decided it would cost 1 MP for the open lock spell.

Am I just missing something?




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Yeah, looks like a couple of the examples don't match the new table. The duration table changed between v1.2. and v1.2. The table is correct.
So why DOES the open lock spell on page 174 cost one MP instead of being a zero point cantrip anyway? Another typo, or is there some other factor I missed?


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I can't remember offhand, but I think it was done from 10 feet away?