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Omega Briefing (d20 Modern AND Spycraft)


First Post


Adamant Entertainment is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the Omega Briefing: The Last Word in d20 Espionage.

Every month, we'll provide material for players and gamemasters of d20-based spy campaigns....and we'll be dual-statting for d20 Modern and Spycraft! We're joining forces with Crafty Games, and will be operating under the "Powered By Spycraft" banner.

The first issue, available later this month, will feature an exclusive advance preview from Crafty Games: The new Martial Artist base class, from the forthcoming World on Fire supplement. This issue of the Omega Briefing will be the only place to get this new class until the official release of World on Fire in March of 2007!

d20 Modern or Spycraft -- no matter your preference, we've got you covered: New classes, new rules, new gear, and dual-statted adventures.....coming to you in PDF every month in the Omega Briefing. Issues will be available individually, and we'll be offering a discounted year's subscription as well.

First Issue: Late December 2006.

Freelancers interested in submitting material for future issues should contact submissions@adamantentertainment.com


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