One person discovers DnD Leveling: Nightmare level side-effects.


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If a person of any age was to discover XP and it's ability to level, what are some side-effects they'd have to deal with. Side-effects which would cause others to think hard about giving themselves access to the benefits of XP.

Idle speculation on a story where a person in our or say the X-Men/Harry Potter/Etc. worlds discovered XP along with how to level, and what kind of downsides would convince people not to pick the ability up for themselves.

Previous thread covering how DnD Leveling might affect the world here.
If science discovered D&D leveling...

General abilities given by XP:
Pocket of energy giving instant regeneration until said pocket is depleted.(Hp)
Near endless stamina until energy pocket is depleted or enough time passes.
Perfect recall of information attached to completion of level up cycles.
Near perfect recall and use of skills attached to when first starting the XP cycle, with the ability to add to these skills every three completed XP cycle.(Feats)
Ability to enhance physical and mental abilities every four cycles.(Ability scores)

Personal Theory
XP is a "Cursed" power.
Players can't keep out of trouble. It comes looking for them.
(XP messes with reality. Ships in the night, for reasons that make sense at the time, alter course and meet when they normally wouldn't.)

Players often run into things they must run from to survive.
(XP energy fluctuates. Periodically spiking within an XP cycle. These spikes match when dealing with events far beyond what an XP user is currently capable of dealing with.)

As a player Levels, the challenges they face grow in proportion to their abilities.
(XP's ability to mess with reality acts much like a growing gravity well. As it's strength intensifies, greater and greater challenges are subtly or not so subtly pulled to oppose them.
Such a cycle almost always kills an XP User. And can cause devastation to the surrounding area.

Rumors heard that players in DnD games have a general sequence where they face a number of average combat encounters, skill encounters, and one or two run like a bat out of hell encounters.

Idle speculation on how commoners might feel about adventurers coming to their towns.
"They're under the Ascension curse. They must live in Interesting Times until they die or become gods. And we have to survive the trials their presence brings."

So what kind of side-effects do you think an XP User would face?
Nightmare level or less?
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I don't quite see the correlation with Atheism here. But I think people would start doing a lot of pointless tasks, just to earn exp.


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Seems like the two are linked - is the xp system we now perfectly understand one where xp is gained purely by mechanics, or does the judgment of the Great GM in the Sky apply to assess whether any given task was suitably important, risky and challenging to merit an xp award?


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I'm operating under the assumption that it's an automatic system.

Turning into gods is just supposed to represent a point when an XP User could reasonably be expected to be able to control XP's reality warping effects enough to stop it from putting the User into deadly situations.

I think people would take "XP potential" tests to find out if they're PCs, recurring NPCs, Big Bads/Big Goods, etc. If you find that you can take members of a PC class (eg wizard) but have very low potential, you might decide to take levels of expert rather than wizard.

People with high potential would rather be king or queen rather than the person born into the role. Historical studies would show that dynasty founders tend to have high potential (and indeed high levels) but their children almost never inherit this. So King Bob the Nth will likely be lower level than any rivals to the throne.


XP is real.
- Doing the same thing over and over again is practice
- College degrees, job promotions, and other acknowledgements of ability are "levels"
- There are even a few superhuman that can do amazing feats: some cheat the system and use illegal and dangerous methods, while others simply practiced and worked long and hard. These few can be equivelated to "Heroes" such as the characters you portray.

In the end, if you're not one of these, you're a commoner.... sorry. LOL

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