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5E One shot idea

Ok fellow Dms I have a question for all of you. What types of creatures would you put for a party of 6 pcs level 1 to 4 who get transported to a garbage world where they have to make all of their own gear and weapons and are separated from each other and can only carry what their initial Armor class is? This is for a one shot that i came up with while at work one day and have been toying around with for the last few days in my head i have a bit of the story down to paper but want to make this around a three to four hour session, and i have thought that each PC will not be able to communicate with the other party members and they have to find their way back together to get back to the main quest that they will be on. any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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undead. Skeletons are easy to run away from and take extra damage from sticks if you need an improvised weapon.

You say garbage world and I think the Thor movie with Goldbloom with the disintegration stick.

You could go with modrons, but they kind of suck. Although, my players have never run into them.


Mimic trash, Giant Rats with maybe a Warerat. An Iron Cobra made by a Gnome tinkerer, Tucker's Trash Kobolds all fighting a trash pile maze turf war, and an occasional Aarakocra swooping in. Also like the Rust Monsters.


If the PCs cannot communicate with each other, you are going to need more IRL time, if they are each expected to get into a fight. It might be better to let them find each other, quick and easy.

Besides the above, NPC stats (Commoner, Bandit, Guard) but re-fluff the descriptions to be creatures or monsters. Max enemy CR = their level.