ZEITGEIST One shots and side quests.

And 'fey' just is a classification, meaning they are closely linked with the Dreaming. You can play up the Alice in Wonderland-ness of it as much or as little as you like.
And for the record, if I rewrote ZEITGEIST today, I'd want to ask around more for diverse cultural opinions before writing up Elfaivar the way I did. I . . . I think I did an okay job, but since then I've seen The Handmaid's Tale, and society has gotten more attentive to how we can be blind to cultural biases and bigotry.


In terms of cultural biases and bigotry and diversity, I think you did fine with Elfaivar and the Akela Sathi; you present facts and situations, solutions people have created to resolved problems, and a person (Kasvarina) with an attitude regarding them- and left it to the GM and the table to work out who is 'right', what solution is best, what sacrifices must be made and by who. My group found it quite enjoyable to read through Book 8 and initially assume we were dealing with a heavy-handed and crude 'elf slave brothel', as condemned by Kasvarina, only to read closer and discover there were subtleties, justifications, provisions for the consent of the Saplings and the like. It provoked a rather nice sub-plot about Elfaivaran society, looking into family structures and the pain of the Great Malice, and has nicely set-up meeting Srasama and the matriarchs in Book 12.

In terms of Elfaivar as a whole, I think it could simply benefit from a few more editing passes- as well as more synchronicity between the Player's Guide and Book 8. Some facts are contradictory, some simply never made it into the AP, some were never carried over from the Player's Guide.

My party has enjoyed Elfaivar so much that come Book 12, I wrote up a whole bunch of prose sections for the souls of the Eladrin women lost in the Malice.

(Apologies, Crispy, if we have derailed your thread.)


The Elfaivar situation indeed seems like one of the least fleshed-out bits of the entire adventure path, yes. I would have handled it significantly differently myself.

The Dreaming and how fey actually work is also terribly underdeveloped for everything outside of Dreaming Risur, which is strange, because Sentosa actually does have a Dreaming tavern in it that the Unseen Court frequents.
When I produce a 13 part AP , detail a whole new world and actually sell it to a lot of people while detailing all areas of the world in Tolkein levels of detail. I will then feel free to criticize Zeitgeist for a few gaps which need GM interpretation. Of course I am not sure I want an AP which does not allow room for GM interpretation


I do not think any product is immune to criticism. I am pointing out the parts that suffered precisely because of the authors having had to juggle so many plot threads.
As a side plot I have come up with too late for me to use.

The ragged man serial killer is a Deva and a veteran of the Yerasol wars, driven mad by wild magic from the fighting on Axis island he lurks in the shadows of flint tracking down, murdering and eating parts of this victims. I would probably aim to get him caught in book 2 or 3 and make him a slayer or unchained rogue a level or 2 above the pc's so he is a bit of a challange but armed only with a dagger or 2 and lacking the equipment normal for the npc. I would let the players catch him either via police work or some clever use of their campaign Shtick( Veteran works out the pattern of killings and can intercept, Vekeshi gets street fey to tell him, the Urban empath gets something from a victim, the Stargazer can plot his horoscope etc) .
When they catch him they kill him or he gets executed , then the problems begin.

As a Deva if he falls too far from grace he reincarnates as a Rakshaha (My cosmological idea) probably a Dandrasuka Raksaha with class levels to make it a proper threat and it goes after the pc's but not directly instead striking at freinds and family, as a clue it also starts to steal Jewelry which is a compulsion of these things. Have it mess with the pc's heads a bit and then they can get a lead on it either interfering with their prep for episode 4 or when they are busy with episode 5 dealing with it should not of course mess their plans up too much for the main plot but give them a feeling of pressure.

At this point it is either dead or it is always going to reincarnate and come back after them , in which case they will need to find a way to kill it permanently. Maybe they can consult with eladrin scholars , or who ever else you think is useful and then come up with a way to kill it which will take them some effort


(Apologies, Crispy, if we have derailed your thread.)
Oh no worries, This is all fascinating. I love all the ins and outs of the Zeitgeist World. I would love to read a novel series set in this universe. Maybe ENWorld should license it out. :D hint hint

I was browsing Reddit and i came across THIS scenario involving a Hag. I can imagine re-purposing this and set it somewhere deep into the Cloudwood at the edges of Flint. In Pathfinder Hags are at CR 5 for Green Hags and they go all the way up to CR 11 I think. A possible hook is perhaps there are young men going missing in the nettles and the poorer districts of Flint. Perhaps the police officers who go to investigate never return.