[Online][5E] D&D 5E Campaign with a seat opening up


[EDIT: Seat filled, thanks all!]

Hi there! For the last couple of years I've been running a story-driven campaign in a homebrew setting that mixes a few elements of Victorian steampunk into the standard Renaissance/Medieval fantasy milieu. (A little Jules Verne never hurt anyone, right?) Firearms exist but aren't common outside of the more industrial-minded cities. Ditto for automata. Two seats will be opening up next year, giving us plenty of time to find a couple of good additions to the party.

We're currently playing bi-weekly sessions over on Roll20 through the holidays, potentially resuming a weekly schedule in the New Year. Sessions are on Thursday evenings, starting at 7PM Pacific and usually wrap up by 10PM or so. Missing a session here and there is fine; everyone has a designated "backup" or two who can run their character on nights when they can't make it.

All PC's are currently level 6, probably 7 by the time January rolls around. Advancement is milestone based, averaging about every 8-10 sessions between levels. The table in January so far looks like this:
  • GRIK THE GREAT - Lvl 6 Goblin Fighter (Ranged)
  • JORTHUN - Lvl 6 Human Wizard (Bråkmajus)
  • ARROWHAWK - Lvl 6 Human Ranger [Revised]
  • JACOO - Lvl 6 Half-Elf Paladin
An overview of the Crown Isles campaign setting, including a few maps, NPC descriptions, and tons of adventure journal entries, can be found here. You're welcome to check it out a bit - maybe skim a few of the adventure journal excerpts to get a feel for the campaign and see if it's a fit for your playstyle. RP that contributes to the experience of the whole group is always valued and encouraged. The overall vibe of the group over the years has been casual and relaxed. The folks who are comfortable RP'ing in their character's voice go for it, sometimes with gusto. It's not for everyone, though, and that's fine too. Some players really shine when the battle maps come out, and we try to keep a fairly even mix of social & tactical play going.

If you're interested in playing, please share a bit about yourself and the character you'd like to bring into the campaign. No big restrictions or exclusions, except that when it comes to race the Crown Isles are a bit more homogenous than, say, the Forgotten Realms. Humans, dwarves, halflings, and elves account for the vast majority of the population. Gnomes, goblins, and half-orcs aren't so uncommon as to turn heads in larger cities, but will be something of a curiosity in smaller villages. More exotic races (e.g. Grung, Yaun-Ti, Aasimar, Dragonborn, Tabaxi, etc.) either don't exist in this setting, or are so rare as to preclude them from being playable by party members.
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