[Online][5e][GMT-6] Scenes from a Superhero City


Your characters are relatively new supers in a city that has its share of heroes and villains (think Metropolis, Marvels' New York, Gotham....).
Looking for 2-3 more players (already have 2)
Play will consist of pitched battles, or slugfests, bookend by downtime activities that emphasize your character’s alter egos. Play will be rather structured, but will include elements from the PCs backgrounds (NPCs, locations, events).
My campaigns are new player and LBGTQ+ friendly. Age Limit is 20+
Time/Day: Every other Saturday starting 7/15/2023 7-9.30pm Central Standard Time (GMT-6),
System: S5E
Voice/Text: Roll20 and Discord
Here’s what to expect from my game:
  • This is a 5th Edition Game.
    • It uses the exact same rules as D&D 5e
    • The Genre is Super Heroes
    • There are Super Hero classes
    • THAT is the only real difference
    • Super powers are basically spells - and every class has them
  • All new players will start with a pre-generated character
    • Or if you wish you can purchase the rules yourself and create a character
    • After playing the first session new players who want to continue playing can:
      • Continue using the pre-genenerated character
      • Purchase the rules
      • Create a character before the next session
      • Leave the game
  • After the end of the second session the player can:
    • Continue using the pregenerated character
    • Create a new character before the next session
      • At this point I will you with the core book
      • I’ll be available to help with character creation
  • Session Minus One
    • All I ask from you is 1 session (2-3 hours)
    • Use that session to evaluate the game, group and me
      • I'll be doing the same
    • If something happens in the game you don’t like:
      • Advocate for yourself
      • Ask me to advocate for you
      • Leave the game (with or without announcement)
  • My games are PG-13 at best
    • No sex scenes
      • It’ll be fade to dark if anything
    • Very little romance
      • Ship somewhere else
    • No elaborate descriptions of violence
      • I might ask you to give a quick description of a kill shot if you like
  • When you ask about the game I’ll send you pre-First session questions
    • Do you consider yourself a casual gamer?
    • What do you not want to see in this game? (if anything)
    • What trope(s) from this genre do you want eliminated? (if any)
    • How do you want to handle any in-game discomfort? (advocate for yourself, ask me to advocate, leave the game)
    • When I get these answers I’ll invite you to the game
    • Otherwise there is no session 0
      • Session 0 is your first session where you decide if this is the game, group, and GM is for you

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