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Title: White Wolf Unmoderated Chat
Setting: Classic World of Darkness (primary), New World of Darkness
Style: Live Unmoderated Chat
Age Requirement: 18+
Link: https://unmodchat.com


White Wolf Unmoderated Chat has existed for more than a decade, and it is a playground and meeting ground for a large number of players who enjoy World of Darkness games of all types (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Hunter, Demon, Wraith, Mummy, and more). There is also a dice roller on the site for use should you need it during your adventures.

After creating a character to your own liking, there is no storyteller approval process. You may log into the chat and begin playing right away only hinging on you, your character, and your writing being enjoyable enough for others to want to play with you. (Characters who are too powerful or one-dimensional may find few people are willing to play.)

Already have a great group of players who want to play World of Darkness? Once they all make their characters, the live chat can be used for your group to play there together as well.

Whether you are visiting to make friends who enjoy the game, want to play your characters, or you're looking for a live chat to play a game with your friends, you are welcome and invited to do so.

Join the fun and jump in today!


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