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I'm currently a player in a 3.5 edition D&D campaign being run in Second Life, and we are looking for more players (we have a DM already). In particular we really need people who can show up to game sessions reliably every week. We play from 5pm to 9pm Pacific time (GMT-8:00) on most Saturdays. The DM says it is ok for people to be new to D&D or not experts at it. The main criteria is that people arrive to the planned sessions.

Second Life is an online virtual world (see which is free to use. We are playing D&D in the manner of a virtual tabletop with virtual miniatures, dungeon tiles / battle grids, and virtual dice.

The DM is running the "Age of Worms" campaign series from Dungeon magazine. We have just gotten through Chapter 1 so it is still early in the campaign.

If anyone is interested just install Second Life and contact Elanor Glass in Second Life via IM. She'll go into more detail about house rules and character creation.

If you need help getting in touch with the DM or have any questions about Second Life just let me know.

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I'm interested and will try and get Second Life working for me properly and drop the DM a line. My Second Life Name is Winthrop Carter.

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