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Gamers Wanted! [Online][Roll20/Discord][BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia, Basic D&D]X2: Castle Amber Wednesday nights 4PM PDT-8PM PDT

Del Benjamin

X2 : Castle Amber

System: BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia

Game Days/Times: Wednesday nights 4PM-8PM PDT

Requirements : Good Mic, availability to play, owning the Rules Cyclopedia is not required but definitely preferred. SOME familiarity with BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia IS required. (but I will accept someone who has just read the rules thoroughly, you dont necessarily have to have played before)

Platform : Roll20 for whiteboard and dice, and Discord for Voice.

I am going to be running the well regarded module X2 : Castle Amber using Rules Cyclopedia. This will not be an ongoing campaign we will start and end with this Module. You will all start at around Level ~6 Would like at least 5 solid players who as mentioned above have at least some familiarity with the ruleset. We have 3 Players already a Halfling and a Cleric and another undecided but leaning thief.



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