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Online using Roll20 & discord Saturdays 10 pm Eastern - Rotating DM - Currently playing 5e and Star Wars FFG


First Post
Long running group of 5 20-30 year old guys looking for one more player to join our gaming group.

We play Saturdays starting 9:45 - 10:00 pm Eastern Time until whenever we finish the session.
Real life comes first, but we are looking for someone who will dependably show up, or communicate beforehand if they can't make it.
We rotate GM's so someone who would like to take a turn eventually is a plus. (new DM's welcome, I am one too.)
We play many different systems. Currently we are running a Star Wars FFG game and just stopped playing a RotR pathfinder game due to RL pulling one player from the group. We will be starting up a new 5e game within a few weeks. We have previously played a Zelda themed 5e game, a planescape game, shadowrun,etc. so we like many different systems. We play what the group decides on together until we decide to try something different.

We play two games at once to give each GM more chance to prep, rotating two weeks of one game, two weeks of the other game.
We enjoy incorporating both role playing and combat into our games.
We are welcoming and easy to get along with, and enjoy having fun and socializing with people interested in staying drama free. If someone would be sensitive to the occasional breaking of the 4th wall or off-color joke, we are probably not the group for you.

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Halloween Horror For 5E