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Jerrand Redband

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Taking Leif's advice and starting this for questions and answers so we don't fill up
the en world thread evrything is really like playing in living en world except characters
don't and won't be approved by en world so if you have a question e-mail me
or post it here


recuriting for The Lost Son adventure...

Pc's will help in locating a couples lost little boy last seen in the woods near his farm.
But as the time for sundown is only a few hours away the pc's must hurry because
everyone knows it's not safe to be out and about after dark.
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Walking Dad

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The orginal thread is here:


And hey, it was my advice, too. ;)

And welcome on ENworld! :D

Edit: My Character ideas would be:
Human Fighter (Archer)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
using a composit Bow

Human Fighter (Controller)
Combat Expertise
Imp Trip
Combat Reflexes
using a Guisarme

Dwarf Barbarian using a Falchion
Power Attack
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Jerrand Redband

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Still new

sorry Walking Dad thank you for helping (and don't stop) thanks for posting the site I should have thought of that but i posted it in the other thread so figured it be o.k.

As of today i have one person recruited playing- Elf Wizard (evoker)

will contiue to up date this post as i recieve new players and any questions feel free
to ask I check my threads everyday

1.) Elf Wizard (evoker)
2.) Halfling Ranger
3.) Half Orc Psi Warrior
4.) Human Cleric
will wait three days then start Starting Date: May 21st
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If the characters aren't approved then how do you know if you set them up right? Also, how would you be handing out xp? I am interested in this.

Jerrand Redband

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XP and Characters

Good questions Tor i have been thinking of handing out Player XP

what i would do is keep track of all the players and thier xp for playing I DM.
They could keep those xp (more than most earned for roleplaying anyway) and apply
them to whatever character they play in the next o if this adventure you play
a human fighter for two or three but want to switch up and try your cleric/wizard
you've wanted to play then next you the player will have xp towards that character
also it will help with that a character might not be useful in say a in the
middle of a city mystery or if your character dies (and I hope not) then you still have XP.

Right now I have two in mind the first is small but I believe will be fun.

The second is a little longer Built for 2nd lvl and should be much bigger than the first.

The question of high lvl starting money will be easy use the en world guide lines
and summit me your gear list i will let you know if I think anything will be a problem.

anymore questions this is the place so summit your characters to me and we can get
started 2+1 spots left
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Hey, I just found this thread. I'll try to get my character finished up very soon. Do you have a Rogues Gallery thread opened yet? Guess I could go and check, couldn't I?

Jerrand Redband

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Rogue's Gallery thread?

you mean i have to post another thread for this game... just kiddin i thought you made that thread after you had all the characters and where ready to start???

let me know if something is different... thanks

to everyone stopping by this thread (500+ views) still as of today may 9th looking for 2-3 more interested players for a quick adventure

come join us as we all get are feet wet in PBP :)

went an made Rogue Gallery thread so i think we are getting closer to being ready to play
here's the link:

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Typically, there will be 3 separate threads for each game:

1. An In-Character (IC) Thread, in the Playing the Game Forum, where the gaming action is conducted.
2. An Out-Of-Character (OOC) Thread, in the Talking the Talk Forum, where players and DM can discuss other issues, such as scheduling, etc.
3. A Rogues Gallery (RG) Thread, in the Plots and Places Forum, which was formerly the Plots, Places, and Rogues Forum, where the pcs are posted, one character per message. It's convenient to have an RG at enWorld, so that the players can track the hit points, xp, gp, etc. of the characters.

Clear as Mud? hehe

ps: You can start these threads whenever you like. Just copy and paste links to them here in your Recruiting Thread.

Jerrand Redband

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been a couple days

been a couple days and i notice if you post then the thread moves to the head of the class so i want to post this to one move the thread and two let all those players out there (over 1,000 views as of may13th ) know that even tho this is lvl one it could be changed if players would like something a little bit harder but really the lvl of a character doesn't affect the role playing of that character and this is a place to role play

said my peace hope something comes of it


Jerrand Redband

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characters need

Hey Leif we still need two characters we have a ranger and yoryour wizard (let me know when you post him in the Rogue Gallery) so if any of those people out there 1,400 views??
want to sign up I'm ready


Jerrand Redband

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Core and SRD

that's right basicly I'm having players make characters like they do in LEW trying to keep it simple so when your Character is ready post him in the rouge gallery and e-mail me letting me know to check him out jcb2772@rock.com

and welcome aboard


EDIT : Character Update

1.) hafling ranger
2.) elf wizard (envoker)
3.) half-orc psychic warrior
4.) human cleric
starting date 3 days after fourth character is ready date- May 21st
5.) closed
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Jerrand Redband

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No problem Leif I know you will how about e-mailing me a spell list asap doesn't have to be final or anything just for me to see were your envoker is headed (i.e. i like to plan encounters around characters strengths and weakness need to know what spells you have and what you may take per day)



Fethwynyth's spell list is one of the things I need to give serious thought to! I did say Evoker, didn't I? Hmmm...I'll PROBABLY still go that way. I've been reading some cool variants in Complete Mage lately -- any chance you might include those rule options?

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