D&D 5E OotA: NPCs Fate (Spoilers)

For those of you that have played Chapter 1 of Out of the Abyss, what prisoner NPCs did NOT make it out with the group?

Here's our list:

Prince Derendil: Killed by Drow Officer in an unnecessary fight. The DM was a little disappointed in our use of the Prince as a "meat shield." I hope we don't come to regret the loss. He was great meat shield.

Eldeth Feldrun: Thrown to the spiders by Drow guards after fighting Ront in prison. Last seen, wrapped in a spider web cocoon. My elf regrets not mercy killing this NPC when he had the chance.

Ront: Whereabouts unknown. Last seen unconscious in prison during the escape after being beaten by Drow guards (see above). The prison was later checked. He was gone.

Sarith Kzekarit: Committed suicide. He was repulsed by desecration of Lolth Temple. Later, he tried to rejoin party. The party was attempting to climb down a cliff and he insisted on going last. My elf didn't trust him and refused. Committed suicide by jumping off the cliff a short time later.

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Ront: Turned on the party during a fight with orogs. He thought the baddies would win. He thought wrong. Killed by a gnome monk.

Topsy and Turvy: Left the group one night during their watch. Left a note scratched into wall reading "We left. T&T." Whereabouts unknown.

aramis erak

So far, the only named NPCs my party has killed are drow...
Jorlan - killed in first insurrection - the one friendly, and they attacked first...

Shoor - killed pursuing the body of Ilvara.

Ilvara - one-shotted by a drow rogue-thief using a poisoned bolt while levitating to avoid the melee... failed the concentration, fell 80+ feet while parylized, and landed 10' from the monk, and 25' from the cleric... KILLED. Then, decapitated and head displayed to break the morale...

As for the prisoners...

THey left 4 NPC prisoners behind, but plan on fetching them shortly. ALL NPC Prisoners are either neutral or allied to date.
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Eldeth and Prince Derendil: defeated and subdued by Quaggoth servants during the prison break.

A halfling NPC called "Merric": gruesomely dissolved and eaten by a Grey Ooze during the prison break.

Most other NPCs: not privy to the escape plans, they were out working when the PCs escaped, and stays behind. Only Jimjar, Ront and Shuushar escapes with the five player characters for a ten-man gang in total.

The PCs kill two Drow guard as they escape. Prince Derendil kills three Quaggoth before he's taken down, and Eldeth kills one Drow guard before being recaptured.

Mistress Ilvara will not be pleased. There is a good chance she will take out her frustration on Eldeth and/or Prince Derendil by public execution. Not that this will necessarily become known to the PCs...

We're in the middle of our trek in the UnderDark. Hopefully we'll find our way to surface, but our guide just died!

Updated list-

Derendil: Killed during jailbreak

Sarith: Committed suicide

Ront: Whereabouts unknown

Eldeth: Saved from the spiders! The cleric in our group used soap on his feet in order to avoid the stickiness of the web. We cut her loose, dealt with the spiders, and headed out the North Tunnel.

Stool: Roasted alive by a lava vent.

Jimjar: Murdered in his sleep. Found with his lungs wrapped around his neck. We have a good ol' whodunit on our hands.

Madness rolls will be forthcoming because of this incident.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Topsy & Turvy. Climbing *under* a bridge to stay out of drow fire during the escape. He fell, she decided to join him and let go.


Derendil, killed fighting the Kuo Tuo Archpriest.
Deep Gnomes, Stool, and Ront, killed during escape from Drow.
Shoor, fell into a ravine, but later reappeared at the Kuo Tuo village.
Sarith, cured of his spore infestation by a Lesser Restoration spell, now amnesiac.
Buppido, disappeared during a battle, lurking around, will show up in Graklestugh, perhaps taking the place of Droki.
Eldeth, killed during a Merrow attack while boating on the Dark Lake.

Flexor the Mighty!

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I"m trying to get rid of these guys as fast as I can, 7 players + all these NPC is killing the game. They won't die!!!!!

In addition to the dwarf I've had T&T flee the party after a huge spider attack. They added little, but they may show up again.

I"m trying to get rid of these guys as fast as I can, 7 players + all these NPC is killing the game. They won't die!!!!!

In addition to the dwarf I've had T&T flee the party after a huge spider attack. They added little, but they may show up again.

If I were DMing, I'd probably agree with you. Fortunately, our DM has taken a different tact. Our group is dependent on the NPCs as guides through the UnderDark, without them we're lost.

The game moves slower, but it's becoming a deadly game of Nerd Poker. Our group wants the NPCs alive, but only the *right* ones. I would rather not wake up with my lungs around my neck.


Topsy & Turvy. Climbing *under* a bridge to stay out of drow fire during the escape. He fell, she decided to join him and let go.
Of course,

if they didn't fall into lava or ooze that won't prevent them from simply dusting themselves off and climbing right back :)

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
They have poor little Stool in a pack type situation riding on the Bard's back. He will be around, though the have nearly abandoned him a few times.

Prince D and Ront are on the edge of a violent showdown.

Buppidio has been wanting to kill someone but just hasn't had the chance.

Brent Kutz

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I have 4 PCs now but 3 when I started this. I had mini copies from the monster manual for these and gave them out for the players to use while they were alive, so the players were more attached to their NPCs.
Still alive as of Sloobludop exit (by boat with the Dwarf from the temple)
Topsy & Turvy (saved from spiders in Velkynvelve so feel they need to remain but full moon next session so....)
Eldeth one of the main food gathers and fighter.
Prince Derendil (main fighter)
Stool/universal translator

Ront & Sarith Kzekarit (killed by black pudding in Ooze temple Ront was leading the way and feel right in and Sarith feel trying to jump over)
Kuo toa guy was killed by falling rocks at start of Ooze temple (made them roll for 2 in front and 2 in back and partially eaten by starving Ront
Buppido (Not saved from spiders in Velkynvelve)

Jimjar (feel into pit I added to try and weed down NPCs, they were a group of like 13 at the time)

Removed by me
GLABBAGOOL as was going to be abused (they way they discussed)
Used to get out of the ooze temple and I had deep gnome that was eating anything it could find due to madness and also feeding it's pet bag of holding (one for me,one for you) The cube went after it in the opposite direction as the party.

Awesome Adam

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Ront - Lost grip while attacked by insect swarm, and fell while climbing down rope, escaping the prison, into the waters and eaten by Grey Ooze.

Stool - Ripped apart by insect swarm, while climbing down rope, escaping the prison, into the waters and eaten by Grey Ooze.

Dwarf Slave - Ran into party while travelling the Underdark. Joined the party and died the next day to an environmental hazard.

JimJar - Soon to die at the hands of Darok the Barbarian if he doesn't stop with the incessant gambling, and winning.

Michael the Sorcerer - Not really a NPC, but destined to die. Killed by Quagoth in initial failed escape attempt, resurrected by Ilvara. Brought to death's door by large poisonous spider, during the successful escape attempt. Brought to death's door by random Orc Ambush Encounter. Threatened with death by party's Half Orc Barbarian, after being caught in his Flaming Hands spell. Threatened to not to be killed, but eaten after he has fallen, by party's other barbicans in an attempt to harness the power of his Dragon Bloodline.


Dragon Lord
Ront: Died in battle to escape Velkynvelve.

Prince Derendil: Died in battle to escape Velkynvelve.

Sarith: Died in battle to escape Velkynvelve.

Topsy and Turve: Fled into the darkness as soon as freed from cell in Velkynvelve.

Eldeth: Murdered by Karzak the Ftr/Rogue for back talking him in the cell.

Shuushar: Murdered by Karzak the Ftr/Rogue for being useless during the Underdark travel.

Jimjar: Went his own way once party made it to Gracklstugh.

Buppido: Still associating with Karzak in Gracklstugh. Thinks Karzak is an orc god that loves murder. They are friends.

Stool: Riding on Eraxis's back. Eraxis and Stool are friends.


One session in and one NPC down. I'll try to keep this updated as we go!

Sildar: Killed by quaggoth guards after sequential critical fails while trying to impersonate a drow guard.

Session 2:

No fatalities. Topsy and turvy have left the group. Ront cheesed off that he's not in charge. Party terrified of Derendil after seeing him in combat.
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Shuushar got fried when a Flameskull fireballed the entire gang (massive damage rule). The party warlock survived by a single hit point and only because she's a tiefling (half damage)

Ront abandoned the gang when they reached the Gracklrstugh docks and found a bunch of other Orcs.

Only Jimjar left of the published NPCs.


We've been having a blast with the NPCs, a pretty cohesive group lead by the PCs. The external threats have been stronger than the internal tensions. Having built up those ties, I'm now starting to turn on the gas.

Topsy and Turvy flipped out during a boat crossing in rapids in the Darklake. The party had no magic or silver weapons and were eventually forced to throw them overboard.

In Gracklstugh the party acquired poisons. These were stolen and covertly fed to Ront. He survived only because someone had Lesser Restoration. The party suspects Sarith, who has been acting increasingly erratically. They have seen flashes of red behind his eyes*, they think Sarith might well be possessed, killing people in his "sleep". They are close, but it is Buppido that is starting to get lively, he'll try an assassination every day he is in Gracklstugh, trying to frame someone else. He'll take souvenirs to his shrine.

*from the portrait, though I don't really get that. I've also told the party that Sarith has a bad rash, also based on the portrait.

I need some help with Sarith's infection, how does it work, how does it (physically) manifest?
I'm going to have Sarith act increasingly erratic, manic-depressive, berserker fury, that kind of thing.

The party isn't done just yet escaping Velkynvelve, but this is where the NPC head count currently stands:

Topsy -- stung to death by a giant spider, then fell 80' to a more complete death after she and Turvy jumped off the ledge to escape the prison cell
Turvy -- last seen scambling down the cliff face in a mad dash attempt to escape the approaching giant spider that stung Topsy
Ront -- killed by the human monk when he failed to heed the monk's warning not to mess with the other NPCs
Eldeth -- killed by Ront, who stepped on her face and neck when he grew tired of her bleating and whining
Sarith -- killed by Buppido

Still Alive:
Buppido -- currently trying to escape in the basket
Derendil -- currently trying to escape in the basket with Buppido
Shoor -- currently inside the armory with the human monk, who has taken a vow to protect the myconid sproutling
Shuushar -- hastily donning studded leather armor in slow motion inside the armory
Jimjar -- grabbed the keys off a drow guard and is busy unlocking as many sets of manacles as he can, and in between is hastily donning armor inside the armory

Jorlan -- surreptitiously helping the party escape by casting faerie fire on a quaggoth intent on slaughtering the party aasimar swashbuckler
Asha -- currently locked inside the altar room (the aasimar swashbuckler pulled the door closed, then jammed her lock picks into the lock from the outside)
Shoor -- otherwise occupied entertaining his mistress
Ilvara -- in the throes of said occupation
Drow Guards -- two are dead, several others are being stampeded by a behemoth of quaggi (we couldn't figure out what the deuce the plural for quaggoth was) set free from one of the other prison cells

Ok, for me, I've only just had my first session. The group is attempting their escape at the moment, and are being attacked by Quaggoths and Drow...it is not going well.

Ront - Dead at the hands of one of the Drow elite warriors...it wasn't pretty.

Buppido - Shredded by a quaggoth critical hit that did massive damage...Fantasy Grounds labels things like that as "INSTANT DEATH"

Prince Derrendil - still alive, but surrounded by 3 quaggoth right now. He's not faring well, is down to 5 hit points, and will likely fall in the next combat round.

Topsy - currently unconscious, but is stable

JimJar - poisoned and unconscious

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