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OOTS 1025

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
forgive me if this has been posted already, but here is 1025:


I wonder if this is what they are referring to:

[sblock= Spoilers!]

[battle scion]
This variant is a simple rule system that allows the abilities of weapons to improve along with those of their wielders. A character wielding a legendary weapon—whether that weapon is a sword, axe, bow, or even a magic staff—is eligible for one of the scion prestige classes presented below. As long as the wielder does not adopt the prestige class, the legendary weapon is simply a magic item with a small enhancement bonus (usually +1 or +2, or sometimes as high as +3 for truly powerful legendary weapons). But by taking levels in the prestige class, a character can unlock and utilize the weapon’s more advanced powers. Commonly, the wielder gains access to a suite of weapon-appropriate feats, special abilities tied to the weapon’s purpose, or even magical enhancements to the character’s own skills and abilities.
In every case, the scion prestige class associated with a particular weapon defines which of its abilities the wielder is eligible to benefit from. The descriptions of sample legendary weapons later in this section detail the specific abilities of each weapon. Thus, every scion is different, even with only four variations of the prestige class to choose from.
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Remus Lupin

I wonder what that bit is about counting the number of times the legacy holder is mentioned. Is that plot-related, or is there something in the actual book that he's referring to?


It's a reference to Wrecan, the deceased Giantitp forum member to whom the OotS character is a tribute. Apparently he started a thread counting the appearances of all the characters.

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