OOTS 1159: Worm's Eye View


Hmm. . .so where are Elan, Roy, Durkon, Hilgya (and possibly Minrah, if she's been Raised yet)?

I really don't think V and Haley would go charging in alone, so the rest of the Order (and their allies) are sure to be around somewhere nearby.

At least the Order almost certainly knows of the protections on the chamber and the Vampire's plans because of Durkon.


The worm does have good lines in this, and is fairly dim, but Blackwing steals the show for me in both departments. :-D


In Tome of Magic, the Murder of Crows monster can be an Unkindness of Ravens - with the same stats.

I think it's fairly safe to say that in D&D, crows and ravens use the same basic statblock.

And in real life - there's nothing really distinguishing them except size. The smaller ones are more likely to be called crows, but those ones are often closer related to ravens than to one another.

The pied crow, for example, is genetically closer related to common ravens than to anything else. In fact, it is nested within the common raven complex - any clade that includes all common ravens will included pied crows as well.