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OOTS 1215: Present Company Included:

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Understood. Just that it points to a possible method of attack, though I'm wondering if the author will remember that "Resist Fire" doesn't extend to the extensive ice field that they're standing on ;)

Based on established rules, ice has three hit points per inch, so a maximized fireball melts twenty inches of ice.


Although something that immediately re-freezes it could be useful. Clerics don't have great reflex saves.

How long has it been since we had a D&D rules discussion about OotS? Feels good to be back in it. (y)

Agreed :)

We're talking 3.5 rules IIRC, right? That Fireball could also be Intensified, giving it 10d6. So Maximized/Intensified would be 60 damage so yes, 20 inches of ice. Now if that takes out 20 inches over the entire area of the fireball (20 ft radius) and if they're standing on a frozen lake, rather than a glacier....

... hilarity ensues.

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