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OOTS 1299: Red vs Red


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
For example, the "Belkar will die within a year" prophecy is functionally dead. It's been so long, both in universe and out, that's it's clear there is no real meaning behind the time frame given. Another one is the mystery behind what the Monster in the Darkness is. That's not a suspense point anymore, it's just a minor character schtick (that hasn't even been used in a long time). When/if it is revealed, it can't have the same gravity it was previously building towards. The longer we go, the more unresolved points fall off the back. And if some things do return, it's often functionally equivalent to a deus ex machina moment.
This all brings to mind the different streaming camps of bingers vs weekly viewers. :ROFLMAO:

It sounds like you don't think major plotlines will get resolved soon for a reader. A fair point, and one I grant, but I think they will get resolved someday.

In universe, though, it has not been a year since Belkar's fate was proclaimed. I know it has been a long, long time for us readers, but for the characters, not so much (how very like an RPG campaign! ;)). Yeah, the Monster in the Dark is probably going to feel quite anticlimactic when revealed after so many years for the readers.

We are in the final book now, and I think both of these threads (and others) will be resolved over its course, and I trust Rich to make it worth the wait. YMMV.

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