Orbital Blues by SoulMuppet Publishing - appreciation thread


I am reading a physical copy of Orbital Blues by SoulMuppet Publishing, and this is an appreciation thread to share a few reasons as to why it is so enjoyable.

1. Striking art (for select examples, click the Kickstarter link above).

2. Simple mechanics with a room for customization.

Three stats with lots of flavorful descriptors. From what I read so far, there is a lot of hidden leverage one can brings to tests. Basically, you can do rerolls, use quasi-special abilities, or gain advantage and disadvantage on the rolls.
Here's a short quote:
If you reach the end of the road—troubles too great to manage, your debts too heavy, your race run—you may take your Swansong.
Swansong is what it's name implies - you decide to go out in style. And your character does just that. Blues indeed.

3. Presentation.

Despite rich graphic assets, it is not style over function. The content does not escape the natural flow of reading. A page with a wobbly writing is merely fulfilling its secondary function - that of a random generator (just close your eyes, and put a finger anywhere).

4. Setting background.

It's the 80s/90s in space. Analog dominates, but it's like a worn-out car - your space ride is cheap, but it constantly needs maintenance.
Jobs come only in the form of gigs.
Violence is sometimes the only option, and those who play for high stakes, will at some time lose.

5. Vibes and inspirations that immediately spring to mind.

Cowboy Bebop - you have a derelict ship and bills to pay, and you can bring a knife or handgun to a fight

Here's a quote from the rules, "Trouble's Brewing" section:​
Once per Arc, if you have at least 8 Blues, you can declare one of your Troubles is Brewing. Your soundtrack plays as you try to assuage your Blues by confronting the source of your Trouble. You might seek a verbal confrontation or a violent one. You might have a depressive or manic episode, indulge a vice or merely wallow in your Blues.​
For the rest of the Scene, you can spend Blues for Exertion instead of Heart . You take half damage from all Attacks during this Scene.​
To summarize - you're a badass for a day, but you're going against overwhelming odds.​

Alien - the first part, the space truckers in worn out space cargo ship, facing impossible odds
Tales from the Loop - the otherworldly cleanliness of art.

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