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I am GMing a group who (in a moment of falling in love with Golarion) decided they wanted to try and play ALL published Golarion adventures with mostly the same PCs (unless some more die). We've gone through a few modules/scenarios and it is super fun. I have good players in the group tho, so it feels more like GMing a TV series than having to worry about levels and CRs.

Thanks to one of the PCs being Varisian and us needing to pick up the two Goblin PCs we get from "We Be Goblins" we'll be starting with RotRL as the first AP.

I'm wondering in what order to tackle the others. I know Kingmaker will happen between other adventures once the 2 main characters for that one have met the group.

I am getting the adventures as hand-me-downs (which usually also means I played them) so I do not have all of the APs yet but will most likely have them before we are through with RotRL.

The PCs have been made so there are some hooks for the APs I have already played through. So getting the PCs involved is not an issue. Where needed, the APs will be adapted.

I would like some suggestions as to the order of the other APs. The players are split on the issue as most of them have never done any AP before.

If other scenarios or modules happen close to where the AP takes place, it would be cool to add them as side quests but I do not know where all of the scenarios take place. So suggestions there would be nice, too.

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I'm curious how you are handling bringing characters across multiple adventure paths. The paths are design to bring you from 1 to Max. I ask because I've genuinely thought it would be cool to do something like this myself (yes I'm insane too). Now, reality dictates that it will never happen for me, but I'm very interested in how you are doing it.


Cute but dangerous
I'm curious how you are handling bringing characters across multiple adventure paths. The paths are design to bring you from 1 to Max. I ask because I've genuinely thought it would be cool to do something like this myself (yes I'm insane too). Now, reality dictates that it will never happen for me, but I'm very interested in how you are doing it.

Well, we are using homebrew rules without levels or XP and sightly different rules for magic. The PCs know what they actively manage to learn (or what the gods that chose them give them). As the adventures were paced pretty fast, there was not much chance to acquire much knowledge.

The average AP does not take too much in game time, and it seems rather unrealistic to us to become super heroes in such a short time even if you get a lot of experience. Experience does not equal skills and knowledge for us. So how much you can grown and learn really depends on in game time.

Some PCs started with some years of experience already (mainly the father of one of the other PCs) and some will start with the equivalent of 0 level. This is, in our eyes, also a bit more realistic than everyone staring on the same foot. I expect some PC turnaround as one already died but there will always be the more experienced PCs to guide them.

From doing similar things in the past, my experience is that some adventures will prove too easy (even if spiced up, but they are usually still fun) and some are too difficult because even with the experience from former adventures, the PCs may miss a skill or spell. That's a bit hard too judge at times.

It needs a group of players able to teamwork and not out for being super heroes in no time, though. In our case, they also need to be able to role play their gods given special abilities well enough.

We are in Falcon's Hollow right now (writing up the next adventure part for the story hour right now) and from there we'll more or less slowly make it to Absalom, and then it should be RotRL.


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I think people haven't responded because it doesn't matter - you're trying to do something with the APs that they aren't designed for, which means you're gonna have to do some reconfiguring no matter what you do. None of the APs are written to take place "after" any of the others as far as I know, though I kinda remember reading somewhere that an AP is coming out soon that is actually supposed to take place after the others from a storyline perspective. That being said, they aren't linked, which means you can run them in any order you want.


Actually, Shattered Star will treat the events of Rise of the Runelords, Second Darkness, and Curse of the Crimson Throne (or one of the other ones) as historic events so in theory it would add something to that AP if you've played the other three previously.

You could got with Rise of the Runelords, Second Darkness, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and then Shattered Star. Otherwise, the APs are all ordered anyway, though none of them other than the ones I mentioned have any specific ties to each other. You should also keep in mind that the APs were all done based on 3.5 rules through Legacy of Fire, so there is some conversion involved (though it's easy and others have already done it if you check around).

All the APs are listed in order on this page:


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Yeah, probably best to stay in order save for Kingmaker which is more of a long in game time thing. :cool:

I need to do conversion with any published material to adapt to our houserules but that usually goes very quickly.

Can't wait to get started, just need to get the PCs to Sandpoint. :D


I want to run multiple APs in a series for the same group of world-traveling adventurers. I've considered using the E6 approach to D&D to do it, but am not confident enough to even begin modifying the higher-level adventures down to level 6 or so.

For the record, I wanted to start them off in Varisia with Rise of the Runelords before putting them on a boat to Mwangi for Serpent's Skull. While in the area, they'd get shanghaid into Skull & Shackles. Then they'd get called back to Magnimar for a Runelord follow-up with Shattered Star and finally link up with their old friends from Sandpoint for the journey to Minkai in Jade Regent.

I'm not sure what concerns me the most, though, modifying high level encounters down to level 6-ish or hoping 6th level characters don't totally derail the opening adventures of each Path such as easy escape from a shipwreck island or pirate mutiny.


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I'd suggest in your case, let them feel confident in RotRL (you'll need another goblin attack tho, or more goblins) and try to split them up for the very easy things - I like to split up my groups a lot and it works fine. Even a level 1 encounter can be challenging for single higher level PCs if it surprises them.

I'd also consider giving them a few handicaps every now and then, like a wound that does not heal too well despite magic (PC should still be able to adventure just not at full capacity) or a short lived burnout for magic users where they can only use minimal spells. Or maybe the gods don't quite want to listen to the clerics one day. As for Serpent's Skull, being higher in level than level 1 is a good idea anyway, I wouldn't start a group under level 3 there anymore. They died like flies 3 times.

The first AP they could have NPC help for the end, so they wouldn't need to be quite that high in level. I'd not keep them at level 6 tho, probably end of the 2nd AP they should be around level 8.

You'll probably need to advance them slowly and I'd not start them above level 4 - they could go up to level 6 relatively quickly and then slow down. However, your players need to know that and like the idea. If they are in for quick progression there is no use.

From when I did this the first time (with adventure series and the former pre-Golarion paizo APs) you can trust the players to come up with interesting solutions so that even a level 6 - 8 group, especially if they are more than 4 people, can deal with what was thought to be for level 15 PCs.

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