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Kickstarter Other Magic #3: The Ancient World is now live on Kickstarter


Other Magic #3: The Ancient World is live on Kickstarter from February 8 - 21 as part of the ZineQuest 3 event. The zine is a system neutral toolkit/supplement designed to help GMs incorporate real world ancient magic into their games. It focuses on the magic of the ancient Near East, Middle East, Mediterranean, and surrounding areas.

In addition to providing the translated text of spells and rituals used in the ancient world, it includes tips for creating original ones with the same internal logic and style for use in your game. It includes instructions for making historically accurate props for those who enjoy using physical items in their games.

Backers at all levels get free PDFs of the first two issues of the zine, as well.

I have a new blog at woodcutgames.com set up to pass along interesting tidbits that didn't make it into the zine, links to additional materials and resources, and other things related to the use of real world magic systems in rpgs.


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Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
Sounds interesting enough and, on a business note, kudos to you for picking an excellent price point. $5 is a couple cups of joe at Starbucks or DD. Definitely worth it for some additional system-neutral options.


Today is the last day to back "Other Magic #3: The Ancient World!"


The project is over 300% funded! To celebrate, let's look at some "party magic" from the Greek Magical Papyri:


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