"Out of the Frying Pan" - Book II: Catching the Spark (Part Two) - {complete}


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Fav Villain has to be Richard the Red. We know he has a Mysterious Agenda, but this whole is he or isn't he enigma is very intriguing. I loved the way you had him simply appear in the local general store like that. Very cool.

Fav non-villain NPC is toss-up for me between Silverback and that loony cryptkeeper dude who kept going on about the party killing his undead family.

You have a great bunch of roleplayers, so I find it hard to single out any PC as my favourite. I have a feeling that the next session will be a big one and not just in terms of length. Sometimes I've found one or another PC boring, just to have them suddenly shine in the next session. It's a great group.

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Favourite PC would have to be Ratchis. Simply because he's closest to the kind of PC I like to play (when I play, which is rarely) and because I just love 1/2 orcs. When rped well, they are really one of the most interesting races to play IMO.

Favourite non villain NPC Silverback rates high, but I think we're all biased by how recent he's been in the campaign. There were lots of cool NPCs before. Kamir, for example, was a very endearing character, a point made all the more painful by his gruesome demise...

Favourite villain, I'm still holding up for the evil gnome dude with pointy horns (I reckon he's the dragon...)


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I'll have to be one of the many who say that Ratchis is my most favorite PC character. I really like how he's role-played, and the feeling that he exudes. My second fav PC character is Kazrack. He just seems like an all around nice guy. :)

My favorite non-villain NPC is Tirhas!!! She seems to be more like the elf I envision with fantasy, instead of a D&D elf. Plus I think she's just cool. Granted, a bit less after watching her fumble with her bow so many times, but still cool.


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Grrrr.. .

Well damn!

I was all set to finish off the huge installment tonight - feeling very creative and even considering going on and starting on the next right afterward - when BOOM! I realize the copy I uploaded to my server space at work was not the most recent one!

So, we all must wait another 12 to 14 hours for this doozy to be posted. . .

I would give you some spoilers, but heck, I don't want to spoil it. :D


Nemm, you sure are the showman. Always jacking up the suspense til we can't take it anymore..........



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Hey, I'm glad you're not tossing out hints. There's other story hours that aren't too careful about that and nearly ruin the surprise. Takes away a bit of the fun of reading them. Besides, we know it'll be good whenever you post it.


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Favorite Character: Kazrack.
He seems to be courageous, as committed to his ideals as Ratchis, and is a generally interesting character who I identify with.

Favorite Villain(s): The band of rapist dragonhunters the party met in the inn before the set of adventures with the gnomes and elves. They're just the kind of scum I see inhabiting the adventuring world--the guys who should be seen on the points of the heroes' swords but haven't actually done anything that would legally justify such action.

Favorite non-villain NPC: I'll second Tirhas for this role. She manages to be convincingly alien and elvish without being stereotypical.


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Favorite PC is Ratchis, mainly because he has a beautiful back-story (posted in a separate thread, only on the old boards ?).

Favorite villain is definitely Richard the Red, I love "grey" characters, where you don't know exactly what their agenda is, and you have to guess whether they are good or evil.

I also loved Silverback, a lovely story. I wish we could see more of him.....



For fav character, I cannot say... I like all of them, I cannot signal one as favorite.

Favorite villain? Richard the red. I like wicked evil(?) mages.

Favorite non-villain NPC? Silverback (I really loved that chapter!!!!) and Tirhas (for me she's a bit like anime elf, I imagine her a bit like Deedlit from Record of the Lodoss War).
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