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Review Outland - Adventure System Gazetteer - Reviewers Wanted!


Chief Scrivener of the Adventure System

The Outland - Adventure System Gazetteer presents a fantastic vision of our future set in our solar system. The year is 3648 and humanity has spread throughout the Sol System from the shattered remains of Terra. Over a thousand years, Martian terraforming and genetic engineering has reshaped humankind and the worlds they inhabit forging cultures and races that no longer feel any heritage with their forebears from Terra.

If you are interested in doing a review of the gazetteer, please email me directly at scribe@adventure-system.com. We'll send you a complimentary copy. All we would like in return is that you give the gazetteer a thorough look and then post a written review (a few sentences) up on DriveThruRPG. Of course, a five star rating would also be appreciated... ;)

Chief Scrivener
Adventure System

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