Owlbear Rodeo news! A second full timer, cloud storage and subscriptions including a base free tier.


I crit!
Congrats to Owlbear Rodeo on their second full time employee! (If that’s the right term here, full time owner?)
…we'd like to announce that as of next month Mitch will officially be working full time on Owlbear Rodeo.

Implementation of cloud storage and a tiered subscriber model, including a free tier, makes sense. I look forward to seeing version 2.0.
A big goal for us with Owlbear Rodeo 2.0 is to provide a service that "just works" with this in mind we want to move to a storage model that won't delete your data or a communication method that won't be blocked by the policies of internet providers.

To do this we will be moving to a more established system ✨ the cloud ✨.

To help with this they will have subscriber tiers, each tier getting access to all the same features except for “rooms” which offer persisted storage and persisted names.
Before we get into the details keep in mind that these tiers are still very much a work in progress and all the values are subject to change.

The Nestling tier will be moving from $3 a month to a free tier that offers 100MB of cloud storage. We see this tier as perfect for players or DMs just wanting to get used to Owlbear Rodeo.

There will be no restrictions in terms of features for this tier, this includes full access to the upcoming plugins feature.

See their pricing graphic below and the link for more details.

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