Packing The Dice

Hey. all. I've got a research project for anyone with one of Chessex's Large miniatures display boxes (the 3.38" x 2.32" x 2.32" one). How many D20's will it hold?

I'm the purchasing manager at a soon-to-be-built FLGS in Texas. The cool part is that I'm in charge of buying lots of gaming stuff. The not-so-cool part is that I've got to find shelf space for what I buy. I was working on the dice orders when I had an idea. Everybody knows the classic 7-die set in the medium boxes. Instead, we want to bundle a 12-die set that better serves modern gaming needs. But most boxes and tubes are too small. And we don't have any of the large boxes yet to test. If this works, I'll order a bunch. If not... well... guess I'll have to bag them (bleh).

Thanks much in advance.


What size D20s?

For my "regular-sized" d20s I can get 24 of them in the box. If packed carefully, maybe you could 26 in there.

Good luck with the store!
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Wow, okay, didn't expect to have that much space leftover. We're thinking 2d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d00, 4d6, 1d8, 2d4, all of them 16mm size. So they're gonna compact quite a lot. But I think the next size down, 2½" x 1½"x 1½", is gonna be too small since that one is the "Standard" dice block and 7 dice fill it pretty well.