Paizo Announces Starfinder Society Year 7: Year of Era's End

This will be the final season of the Starfinder Society to use Starfinder First Edition.


Paizo just announce the title and metaplot theme for Starfinder Society Year 7: the Year of Era's End. With Starfinder Second Edition playtesting this fall, this will be the bombastic end to Starfinder Society First Edition.

This is a time to celebrate the end of Starfinder First Edition. Time to revisit old friends, capstone some of the ongoing storylines, and shine a spotlight on big, exciting events. Some of those events will change the course of the Pact Worlds now and into the future of Starfinder Second Edition.

Under the watchful eye of newly elected First Seeker Sarmak, the Starfinder Society travels to the machine planet of Aballon to undertake an archaeological survey of the ancient city of Eternity—a fabled city of the First Ones! During this three-adventure metaplot, the Starfinders explore mysterious ruins, discover long-forgotten secrets about the First Ones, and clash with a violent faction of anacite extremists named Those Who Call.

The Year of Era’s End begins with Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Era’s End, an adventure for 1st- through 4th-level characters written by Letterio Mammoliti! This adventure debuts at PaizoCon 2024, alongside one other Starfinder Society Scenario that Paizo is keeping under wraps for now.

“I hope you join me in celebrating the final season of the Starfinder Society for Starfinder First Edition with the Year of Era’s End! Big changes are on the horizon… and you can be a part of it,” says Jessica Catalan, Starfinder Society Developer, “It’s going to be a year to remember.”

With the launch of Year of Era’s End, the following ancestries will become “always available” for Organized Play: barathu, borai, ghibrani, morlamaw, orc, and prismeni.

If you want to learn more about the Year of Era's End, be sure to tune into Paizo's Twitch stream on February 2nd from 4-6 P.M. Pacific.
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