Paizo Paizo forums broken by windstorm


Apparently, Paizo's site works except the part that logs you in to their forums. You get a message as if your password and username doesn't exist. If you're not on social media I thought this would help. Basically it's not you.

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The EN World kitten
There's a thread about this on their forums. Brian Bauman, Paizo's Software Architect, said the following:

We had an outage today with the servers keeping track of our session information, which is crucial for making log-ins "stick". We finished repairing the problem around 5:00 PM PST, but sessions from before then won't work properly. Anyone having trouble signing in should be able to fix the issue by deleting their cookies and attempting to log in again.

As someone who couldn't log in, I tried followed Bauman's instructions, and they worked for me.


Only today did it work for me. (Yesterday I got the emails with the temporary reset password, but without actually working)

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