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Paizo News: Comics, Cons, and Errata

Paizo is teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to debut the next Pathfinder comic book series. New Starfinder errata has been released. And don't forget Third Party Kon is this weekend!

Paizo is teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to debut the next Pathfinder comic book series. New Starfinder errata has been released. And don't forget Third Party Kon is this weekend!
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Paizo just announced their partnership with Dynamite Entertainment to bring to life Wake the Dead by Fred Van Lente. This series will kick off in May with an all-new party, campaign, and new lands of Golarion to explore. Not only a thrilling tale, but also extras for players to bring into their games.

Lore experts will recognize the members of the party: Quinn the investigator, Sajan the monk, Lem the bard, and Seelah the champion. All have appeared in previous Pathfinder materials, but have never partied together. If you are a fan of the original series, Harsk the dwarf ranger will be making a reappearance in this series. With the prospect of a Geb defector in possession of secrets from an undead nation to bring these Iconic together, it's sure to be a wild ride. Can they band together to escape a city of hostile wizards alive? I guess we'll have to wait until may to find out.

Fred Van Lente will be joined by artist Eman Casallos with Steve Ellis and Biago d'Alessandro contributing to the covers. Issues will come with bonus material for players of the game. These will include playable character stats for the iconic paladin Seelah, new character options for inhabitants of the magical military city of Ecanus, and more. All of the extras are officially sanctioned by the Pathfinder Society.

If Starfinder is more your style, stay tuned as the first comics are right around the corner.


Starfinder Errata​

Speaking of Starfinder, at the end of last week, Paizo announced an update to its errata. This includes a change in how fusion seals work. They now take effect after ten minutes instead of after twenty-four hours. The PDFs for the affected books have not been updated, but they will be as Paizo's schedule allows.

Just ahead of this weekend's Third Party Kon, Paizo announced the top performing third-party products for the months of December and January for both Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite. A lot of which are on the list for the first time. Congratulations to everyone! You can find the list here.

Third Party Kon​

Don't forget Third Party Kon is this weekend. Third Party Kon is a celebration of the PaizoVerse (actual plays, bloggers, youtubers, podcasters, artists, and publishers) in all its forms. If you were looking to celebrate the PaizoVerse, there is plenty to do. From free third party scenarios to a 24-hour stream of creator panels and actual play, there will be something for everyone. They've even teamed up with DriveThruRPG to sell a mega bundle of third party products (the sale will go live during the weekend).

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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton


I read and enjoyed most of the pathfinder comics. With all the writers and novels for Golarion, most have been pretty good and obviously add depth to the setting and iconics.

I am interested into Starfinder comic, when it will be translated, and if it will be for all audiences. My brother and sister-in-law gave me back the some comics books I bought for my niece, because "she didn't understand the languange (from 80's)", when it was a kid-friendly comic. The comic was Douwe Dabbert.

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