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Paizo News: More Starfinder Enhanced Spoilers and Mechageddon

Covering more of the Starfinder Enhanced spoilers out of PaizoCon as well as talking about Mechageddon.

Covering more of the Starfinder Enhanced spoilers out of PaizoCon as well as talking about Mechageddon.

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In our wrap up of PaizoCon Online 2023, we briefly touched on Starfinder news, but let's dive a little deeper into the spoilers the Paizo team dished out.


Coming in 2024, Mechageddon is coming. It will be a hardcover adventure path for characters levels 3-18. Players will travel to Dimalcho, a planet terrorized by massive kaiju. To combat this threat, the party creates and pilots mechs. The mechs will level alongside the characters up to tier 17 and will come with plenty of customization options.

Starfinder Enhanced​

This 192 page book is packed with new stuff as well as collecting a few things from previous Adventure Paths.

One of the new themes is The Personal Trainer. Now you can irritate your group with Morning Calisthenics. This ability allows you to spend resolve at the beginning of the dat to gain temporary hit points. And your whole party can join in. Other abilities will include: Therapeutic Sports Massage and Dead Lift.

The Vid Gamer theme will be getting Augmented Reality. This ability lets the gamer use their com unit as a combat controller to shoot gun mounts like they're playing a video game.

There will be 12 playable species. Some are new: Novians, Elenia, Playable Holograms, and Skiridates. While some come from Adventure Paths or the Alien Species Deck: Elebrians, Endiffians, Moyishuu, Gripli, Kayal, Kitsune, and Samsarans.

A ton of new Archetypes were also teased. Autocite will allow you to have your own personal soundtrack as an ability. Exalted Champion is a furtherance of the Divine Champion with new deity specific options. The Counselor will have the ability to give Additional Spoons where on a ten minute rest, they can give Resolve Points to an ally. Menagerie Manger can get combat trained companions as well as give bonus feats to its companions.

Over 90 feats to be had! Project Manager lets you coordinate your group while they use Aid Another and increases the bonus you get based on your Charisma modifier. Avenger allows you to attack the creature that brought one of your allies below 0 Hit Points. Firing Solution uses Physical Science instead of Piloting when firing weapons. Comedic Timing allows an ally to reroll Bluff/ Diplomacy/ Intimidate once per day. Mystic Opportunist gives the enemy a penalty to save of your spells if they are under Harrying Fire. Spell Gem Eater lets you consume spell gems to get bonus spell slots.

Each of the 4 Enhanced Classes will be getting a two page spread.

Enhanced Envoy is getting taken out of the support only role it has been pigeonholed into with new abilities. Inspiring Combo lets you do a full action to use an attack and use one of your improvisations. There will be a bit of a recharge timer so you can't do it every round. Signature Support is used with Get 'Em/ Inspiring Boost/ etc. It makes it so you don't have to spend RP when using the upgraded version of those improvisations. Lead by Example allows you to use an improvisation as a reaction after a crit. There will be a fourteenth level ability that makes it easier for you to crit after every time an ally crits.

Charisma will be more relevant with the Enhanced Solarian as well as other ways to gain and spend attunement. Attunement Surge allows you to spend two attunement points as a free action to gain different effects like getting an Insight bonus to Reflex Saves or increasing damage to a creature the first time you damage them. Combat Meditation gains you an attunement if you spend a full round charging up. Aftershock will have you gain a benefit for one round of d6 rounds when you use a Zenith.

Enhanced Technomancer can now gain a Technomantic Talent every three levels. This allows them to pick a School of Magic and gain a feature that buffs it (Evocation: the first dice on a damage roll is counted as maximum damage. Necromatic: if you roll a d20 as part of a spell, you can reroll the d20). Deconstuctivist raises you spell save DCs: by 2 for Constructs with the Tech Trait and by 1 for non-tech Constructs. And it stacks with other bonuses.

The world is yours with the Enhanced Witchwarper. You will now get some free daily uses of Infinite Worlds as well as seeing some tweaked IW effects. Overload Reality will allow you to cast a spell and use Infinite World on the same turn a few times per day. Otherworldly Skill makes it so you can gain new class skills and change them every five levels. Ideal Outcome allows you to reroll a third time if you don't like your reroll result.

All classes get four pages of new stuff. Operatives now have an exploit branch that starts with a Mysterious Benefactor that leaves you hints and clues to help with Skill Challenges. This culminates at level 14 when you can become a Puppet Master for the mysterious organization and help your allies in the same way. Shifters can now shapeshift their body, either fully or partially. At level 19, they can shapeshift into a colossal creature or a massive living starship. Biohacker gets Hypermycology which aids or hinders in healing. Precogs have the Seer Anchor that turns them into a fortune teller or diviner. Greater Anchor increases the chances of a correct divination.

In addition to rules for designing spells, there are a ton of new spells. The one they touched on was Fantastical Transformation. This is basically a magic girl transformation. You adopt a flashy battle persona that changes your clothes and hair as you wish. Gives you a 30-foot aura. Any creature that enters or begins their turn in it is dazzled. As a move action you can use Special Abilities to gain bonuses to bluff and intimidate as well as do extra damage.

Gear is getting an upgrade, literally. You can scale your equipment as you level, attaching weapon and armor properties to it along with grafts. There will even be options to pay a bit extra to the upgrade cost to exceed the items limits a bit. Pricing will be fair and balanced.

Starship combat will also be seeing some more abstract rules, allowing for more cinematic fights that don't take all night.

New uses for Resolve points including: increasing save DCs, hitting with additional crit effects, granting Mechs additional move or standard actions, or giving yourself a move action.

Lots of new things coming, but there wasn't enough time to go over everything during PaizoCon. I'm sure they will be spoiling more in the coming months before the book comes out.

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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton


Gear is getting an upgrade, literally. You can scale your equipment as you level, attaching weapon and armor properties to it along with grafts. There will even be options to pay a bit extra to the upgrade cost to exceed the items limits a bit. Pricing will be fair and balanced.
Hmm, this seems like a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping they'd have something like the optional "Automatic Bonus Progression" rule from PF2's Gamemaster Guide, where you treat any weapon you wield and armor you wear as having level-appropriate fundamental runes. Basically, when Leia grabs a Stormtrooper's rifle, she is just as deadly with it as with her own sporting blaster.

But this sounds more like you'll still be dedicated to a single piece of gear, it's just that you modify it instead of replacing it. But should you find yourself disarmed and need to grab the rifle of an aeon guard, you'll still only be doing a piddly d8 damage with it.


It would be nice if you could get the adventure without the rules part - I am a fan of mecha, but not a fan of Starfinder. Depending on how much of the book is rules, I may still get it. But my table are not great friends of mecha , so perhaps not. :(

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