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Pathfinder 1E Paizo no longer publishing Dungeon and Dragon

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Exquisite Dead Guy said:
Anyone know what's up with this? Rumors are OK. ;)
Wow, I was just at their site less than an hour ago. I have no idea what the announcement is, to be honest. I sometimes feel I am completely outside the gaming grapevine, so I have not heard anything in the making.


I was just thinking. With paizo.com down I guess this means I can't impulse buy today with my tax refund. Wow, that bites on several levels!


The EN World kitten
Paizo's been slowly growing for a while now, testing the waters with some (successful) hardcover books and signing a deal with Necromancer Games. For something to be this big...maybe they'll announce that they're being allowed to publish Greyhawk materials under license from WotC?

Unlikely, but hey, we can dream. ;)

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