Paizo Releases Pathfinder Playtest Part Four & A Scenario

Hello Paizo faithfuls and welcome to the new and improved PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! What’s different, you ask? Very little! You’re still coming here to catch up on all the news and updates coming from your favorite OGL publisher, and of course for the completely unsolicited opinions of the author. Now, let’s see what’s in store!

The big news today is the continuing update of the Pathfinder Playtest! The fourth part of the Playtest, its update, and the Playtest Scenario that go with it was released this Monday. Dive into The Mirrored Moon and reprise your roles from the first Playtest Scenario as you quest deeper into the Thicketfell. You can download the adventure and files on the main site, and read up on the playtest changes here!

What’s the news for this update? Officially, we’ve got quite a bunch to chew on. Skill bonuses have been tweaked, so now untrained bonuses equal ECL-4. Hopefully, this should mean that characters that don’t specialize, don’t accidentally end up overshadowing the characters who invest a lot of points in a skill. In theory, skill DCs have also been tinkered with to improve the investment-to-success rate and advancement-to-success rate as well (but more on that later).

What else? Oh, yes, characters’ death and dying! My favorite. UNFORTUNATELY, it seems as if you've all been DYING too much, so the devs have changed what happens when you come back for another round. Instead of the slowed condition, you now gain the “wounded” condition when you’re revived. No more penalties for getting your bell rung, but from now on, your dying condition gets worse depending on how “wounded” you are. To help deal with that, the Medicine skill can now be used to patch up up to six of your whining companions. Here’s to you, clerics!

And now the news you’ve all been waiting for, you munchkins: multiclassing! This update includes playtest material for all 12 multiclassing archetypes, as well as some revisions to existing multiclassing rules. I hear good things about bard/sorcerer and bard/paladin in the forums!

Now, I know you folks have been wanting to hear more about this whole “Resonance” thing that’s been bubbling around, but unfortunately that’s still in the development process. The devs are working feverishly to get in finished by the time the playtest finishes, but in the meantime there will be another release of the Raiders of the Shrieking Peak Playtest Scenario using the resonance system to give it a whirl.

How about we take a peek into the comments? Hmm hmmm…OH that was a bad idea. We’ve found some gems, however! Speaking of skill DCs, it looks like due to some mix-ups and miscommunications, you’ll actually find that the DCs have gone UP instead of down. Hold on to your butts and break out your lucky d20’s until that gets fixed, folks! That said, the principles behind the changes are solid; Mark Seifter confirms that investing in skills during character advancement will in fact result in increased success rates, contrary to some of the form maths.

That about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUDUP, folks! Keep an eye out here for more news and updates from the Golem as they come out. What are your thoughts on the Resonance system? What do you want to see in 2E that those Paizo Forum people aren’t bringing up? What’s your favorite multiclass combination, you MUNCHKIN? Until next time, hash it out in the comments!

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece


It baffles me that Paizo released a softcover, hardcover and limited edition version of the playtest rules, only to update them several times in the month or two since. I mean, why bother with the hard copies? Cash grab? Collector's item? I just imagine thousands of Pathfinder fans with outdated rulebooks on their shelves they bought two months ago.

At my local B&N there are still a bunch on the shelf; in fact, I'm not sure if any sold. But hey, this is Honolulu.

(p.s. I like Paizo and PF, I just don't get the release of three versions of rules that were quickly updated)


I'm in a playtest group and the softcover rules are very valuable. Sure they update stuff but most things are still unchanged and looking up in a paper copy is easy. Knowing what's changed isn't hard.


The only reason they offered the print copies at all was customer request; they actually said this back in March 2018 when the playtest was announced. If they had it their way, it would have been a PDF release only, because of this very reason that they knew would be happening throughout the playtest period.

Anyone purchasing the print copies without understanding this might have needed to look a little more closely at the Paizo blogs and forums where it was discussed. Matter of fact, it might have even been alluded to in a few of the interviews and convention games.


They should have made the playtest books 3 hole punch, and the errata rules could be swapped in by the page (or chapter).
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Paragon Lost

Terminally Lost
I refuse to join into what I consider a public beta test that they're charging me for. I'll patiently wait for the official finished release of P2.

It's because they see the hardcover costs money, so they don't know the PDF is free.

I get it. They just seem so proud to jump into every thread to tell everyone that THEY aren't going to pay to playtest someone else's game, like it's a scam that only they have figured out.


First Post
I think a lot of people are missing that buying the softcover (or the hardcover, for that matter!) are actually cheaper than downloading and printing the playtest PDFs yourself.

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