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Ben Reece

Ben Reece
It's Finally Here! The Pathfinder 2E Review
  • 60
Hello my lovelies and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! We got a very special update as you might imagine, so without further ado: IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! PATHFINDER SECOND EDITION IS HERE! The second edition of the classic tabletop roleplaying game Pathfinder is live and in the wild TODAY! We were fortunate enough to be sent a review copy so we could really sink our teeth in and let you know as soon as it dropped the ins, outs, ups, downs, good, and bad of the new edition. Let’s get started!
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set: A Review
  • 10
Hello again my Paizo friends! Once again we return to your favorite type of news – we got a product review for this edition of the Paizo News Update! Today we’re taking a look at a product that already had a spotlight here on the Update and which some of you may already know: it’s the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set!

Paizo Update: The Latest on Tyrant's Grasp, Dawn of Flame, and Age of Ashes Adventure Paths...Plus P

  • 4
Hello again my Paizo lovelies, it’s yet another edition of the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! Last time around we covered the coming of Pathfinder Second Edition. This time we have a radio-voice-heavy edition where we get to take a crack at all the fun and adventure still left in First Edition, as well as what quests await us in the misty lands of future editions. Let’s get cracking!

Paizo Update: Pathfinder Pawns, Starfinder and Pathfinder Adventure Paths, and Druma: Profit and Pro

  • 1
Hello my lovelies and good fortune to you all! It’s a fresh new month which means there’s a fresh new batch of Paizo-related updates coming your way – that’s right, it’s time for the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! Let’s get down to business!

Starfinder Beginner Box: A Review

  • 8
Hello my darling Paizo fans and welcome to a special edition of our favorite Paizo update for EN World! It’s not every day we get to do product reviews, and this one is a particular honor – we’re cracking open the Starfinder Beginner Box and giving it it’s due!

Paizo Product Roundup: Tyrant's Grasp Maps, Chronicle of Legends, Occult Adventures, and Ultimate Wi

  • 5
We’re back, my wonderful friends! A single update wasn’t enough to contain everything Paizo, so here we are with another edition of the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! There’s plenty of goodness to be had here in the twilight of Pathfinder 1E for both GMs and players, so let’s dig in to the juicy details!

Paizo Product Roundup: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Dawn of Flame and Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Pa

  • 6
Hello again my lovelies and welcome once more to your favorite compilation of all things from the Golem – that’s right, it’s time for the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! How spoiled are we that once again the new month brings such bounty it cannot be contained to a single update? Keep your eyes peeled for the next Update when it drops. But now, on to the news!

Paizo News Update: Signal of Screams, Concordance of Rivals, Starfinder Beginner Box

  • 1
Hello and good fortune, my lovelies, it’s time for another edition of your favorite EN World article and mine: the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! The official release announcement of Pathfinder Second Edition crowded up our last update some, but even before that there’s enough to talk about for this upcoming month that we have another update just for you! Less news, I guess, and more update, but now in one convenient location!

Paizo News Update: 2E Gets a Release Date! 1E Celebration Sale; Tyrant's Grasp for Pathfinder and Da

  • 31
Hello and good fortune, my lovelies, and welcome back to one of my favorite corners of the internet – it’s the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! A new month means a whole new batch of announcements, reveals, updates, and more, so much so that it’s going to be difficult to get it all in one Update. Look forward to part two coming soon! And now without further ado, ONTO THE PAIZO NEWS!

Paizo Product Roundup: Return of the Runelords Pawns, Soldiers of Brass, Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer,

  • 0
Hello my lovelies, it’s been too long! Thankfully, there is a whole new slate of Pathfinder and Starfinder products previewing online which means it’s time for your favorite article and mine – that’s right, it’s the PAIZO PRODUCT ROUNDUP!

Paizo Product Roundup: Starfinder & Pathfinder Adventure Paths, Runelords, Alien Archive

  • 4
Happy new year, Paizo fans! We’re back up and running over here on the Paizo beat, and just bursting at the seams with all sorts of news coming direct from the Golem. There’s plenty of little toys and nifty knickknacks here to send to your gaming friends just in case you missed them over the holidays. Let’s get down to business!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue Pocket Edition Arrives in Late January 2019

  • 5
Hello my fellow Paizo devotees, come gather round the feet of the Golem and see what treats it has brought us! We’ve come to the last (at least of this writing) of the January releases from Paizo, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s another Pathfinder 1E product! It seems like first edition will be strong and healthy right up until they completely cut it off for 2E. With that said, let’s dive into the latest Pocket Edition!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign Pocket Edition to Debut in Late January 2019

  • 3
Hello again my lovely fans, and welcome back to your favorite source for news on the Golem! Paizo is keeping its slate full for January, which gives us plenty of releases and reveals to pick over. Today we’re digging into a staple of Pathfinder 1E, still with plenty of life in veins: the latest Pocket Edition!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins to Debut in Late January 2019

  • 3
It’s your favorite time of the month, Paizo fans – more news from the Golem! The first edition of Pathfinder still has plenty of life in it yet, which means today we’re taking a new look at another hot release coming in January. Bust out your bear skins and sharpen your fangs, it’s time to dive into the latest Pathfinder Player Companion!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #138: Rise of New Thassilon Arriving in Late January 2019

  • 12
Welcome back to the Paizo beat, friendos! We’re going strong with the new format for news from the Golem. Let’s take a look at what’s coming down the road for us – there’s still plenty of releases and reveals for January products! This time we’re putting back on our radio announcer voice for the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path!

Starfinder Adventure Path #12: Heart of Night to Debut in Late January 2019

  • 0
Hello again, fellow Paizo fans, and welcome back to your favorite source for Paizo news! We’re trying out a new, breezier format here with your Paizo news, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride. It’s the start of a new month which means there’s a whole new slate of releases and reveals. Up first: the latest Starfinder Adventure Path!

Catching the Diaspora Strain: A Starfinder Review

  • 1
Strap on your tinfoil hats and keep your heavy-duty floodlights handy, Starfinder fans, because the SIGNAL OF SCREAMS is here! We’re taking this opportunity to dive into the latest Starfinder Adventure Path - #10: THE DIASPORA STRAIN!

Pathfinder 2 Update: Doom Comes to Golarion and Class Tweaks Galore!

  • 4
Hello again Paizo fans! We’re back once again to bring you slightly-belated news of the latest updates coming for the Pathfinder Playtest – complete with the final chapter of the Doomsday Dawn playtest adventure. Strap in, because there’s a whole mess of changes incoming in Update 1.6!

Paizo Update: City Outside Time; Cradle of Night; Faiths of Golarion; Penumbra Protocol

  • 2
Hello my fellow Paizo fans and welcome to the latest-breaking edition of your Paizo news! A number of fun things were scheduled for the golem’s December schedule, including a fair amount of fun for Pathfinder 1E, so let’s get into the details!

Pathfinder 2E Update: Red Flags and Fatter Fireballs

  • 5
Hello Paizo news junkies and welcome to our first rapid-fire update! Man does it feel weird not including an all-caps title. Well, the past is the past, and we, like the Golem, must move on. So onward an upward to our first piece of news: the latest update for the Pathfinder Playtest!


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