Paizo Paizo Product Roundup: March

Hello again my delightful readers, and welcome to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! On this March edition, it looks like Paizo continues the trend of one sourcebook and two APs: we’ve got Starfinder: Near Space as the main dish, followed by the next chapters of The Threefold Conspiracy and the Extinction Curse storylines. Let’s get cracking!


The big boy book in March from Paizo is Starfinder RPG: Near Space. No longer will players and GMs be restricted to the Pact Worlds for their references in making characters and adventures! Near Space promises to provide details on dozens of worlds and the cultures that inhabit them. Smells a bit like they are bundling together a bunch of gazetteers and releasing it as a hardcover, but who am I to complain about a giant pile of flavor!

Near Space includes details on the nine planets of the Veskarium as well as (or including?) the home planet of the iconic skittermanders. Now, at last, if you harbor some bizarre, kender-like hatred of those adorable little space raccoons, you now know where to point your fleet. And, of course, as with all good Paizo publications, Near Space will include customization options for characters including but not limited to alternate racial traits, new Vesk starships, new themes, archetypes, equipment, spells, and all sorts of other goodness. It’s a setting book! What more do you want? Time will tell if these authors have been given more room to breathe than did the authors of the Lost Omens Character Guide.


Now, onto the Adventure Paths! And we start this edition with the next chapter of the Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy AP. When last we saw our heroes, they were desperately trying to salvage a decent vacation out of a mystery aboard a scuttled luxury yacht. Things, it appears, did not go well…

ABOMINATIONS ATTACK! Our heroes barely manage to extricate themselves from the scuttled space yacht only to find themselves in an unregulated research laboratory that is both collapsing and under assault. In a quirk of fate, it seems as if the attacking forces may be the heroes’ only hope of rescue. What must be done to secure salvation from the Stewards? Why does every answer bring with it more questions? WHAT HORRIFYING BEAUTIFUL THINGS LURK BEHIND THE PHRASE “FRINGE SCIENCE”?! There’s only one way to find out – it’s the Starfinder Adventure Path #26: FLIGHT OF THE SLEEPERS!


And finally, onto the next chapter of the Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path. We left our heroes and circus troupe in the city of Escandar, facing off against a vicious rival and ambitious xulgath incursions. But it’s never polite to overstay one’s welcome…

ON TOUR, IN PERIL! The circus heads to Kortos, the Starstone Isle at the center of the famed Inner Sea. The joy and levity brought by the antics and acrobatics of our heroes is more direly needed than they might expect, for though this island is granted great bounty by three aeon towers, the foul xulgaths have made their presence known here too. Worse still, a dero murder is on the loose, and some foul force may have corrupted the aeon towers! Will our heroes stop the alchemically-gifted xulgaths? What sinister plot is in place to exploit the power of the aeon towers? WHERE DOES THE DEMON LORD ZEVGAVIZEB FIT INTO ALL OF THIS? Find out for yourself in Pathfinder Adventure Path #153: LIFE’S LONG SHADOWS!

And that about does it here for the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP, folks! It looks like bulettes are on the cover of Life’s Long Shadows – I wouldn’t want to pack a halfling.

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece

I bought the pact worlds (Spanish translated version) in the middle of February, two weeks ago. When will I can buy the next Starfinder books? Alien archive hasn't been translated yet. Pathfinder 2nd Ed hasn't been published in Spanish yet, and nothing of the first edition since more a year. The ultimate magic hasn't been translated by Devir.

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